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10 Questions with…FSU All-American Swimmer Carrie Ellis

March 24, 2006

Senior captain Carrie Ellis just capped off her outstanding swimming career at Florida State by earning All-American honors at the NCAA National Championships and helping lead FSU to their best school finish ever of 16th place.  Ellis earned All-American honors as a part of the Seminoles’ 200 medley relay that finished third at nationals.  She also earned Honorable Mention All-American honors as a part of FSU’s 400 medley relay that finished ninth and 400 free relay that took tenth.  Prior to nationals Ellis led Florida State to its first ACC Women’s Swimming and Diving Championship.  Ellis won the 100 free individual championship and was a part of FSU’s four winning relays (200 free, 400 free, 200 medley, 400 medley).  Ellis’ legacy will also be remembered in the record books as the Seminoles’ 200 medley relay which won the ACC Championship, set a new conference, ACC meet and school record of 1:38.59.  Ellis swam her freshman year at Virginia where she earned All-American honors as a part of UVA’s 200 free relay that finished eighth at nationals in 2002.  After two years away from the sport Ellis decided to swim for FSU as a junior and in just a short period of time made quite an impact on the Florida State program.  Ellis, who is FSU’s record holder in the 100 free with a time of 49.32, took a few minutes to chat with…


1. You swam your freshman year at Virginia then after two years away from swimming you decided to swim at FSU.  Was it worth coming back?


Oh it was definitely worth coming back.  I feel like I learned a lot more about myself and I met some amazing people here at Florida State.  I was also able to swim faster than I ever have in my whole life.  That is something that if I had not come back, I would have looked back on and wondered. 


2. What was it like being the only senior on the women’s team this season?


Sometimes it was challenging and other times it was kind of flattering.  It is hard trying to get on the same level as girls that are four and a half years younger than you.  For the most part it was fun. A lot of girls would definitely come to me for advice and I would try to be like the big sister. 


3. How did you get into swimming?


Well my dad is in the military and one summer we moved to Georgia and I didn’t have a lot to do.  I wanted to go out and make some friends so I joined the Robins Air Force Base swim team.  At first I hated it but my dad told me to just stick with it.  I was 11 at the time. 


4. Did you have any pre-meet rituals before you would swim? 


Not really, I like to be around family or my boyfriend.  I like to be around people who make me really happy and feel good about myself.  I just like to keep the self esteem and the motivation high. 


5. What was your best memory from swimming at Florida State?


Ooo that is so hard.  Last year when I got my “A” cut in the 100 free in my last swim at the ACC’s was pretty awesome because when you are coming back and have taken two years off no one really expects much from you.  I felt like for me to get an “A” cut and to go back to NCAA’s was pretty cool.


6. What was it like to be able to win the first ever ACC Championship for the women’s team?


It was amazing and I really think it is something that is going to continue.  I’m the only girl leaving the team and we have a lot of good recruits coming in this year.  Plus a lot of other teams are losing their top dogs, like four, five or six girls.  It was a great start for this program and hopefully a lot of other teams will give Florida State a lot more respect than they have in the past.


7. How did it feel to earn All-American honors and lead FSU to their best school finish ever at the NCAA National Championships?


It was a really satisfying especially for Neil (Harper).  It really made me happy to see Neil so excited about the progress of the team and where the team is going.  When he mentions our relay getting third at NCAA’s, it is only a positive thing for the future of the program.


8. Are you going to continue to swim now that the NCAA Championships are over?


I’m not sure, my mind changes everyday.  I think I’m going to give myself the next two weeks and totally clear my head and just have fun.  I might swim this summer and try to make a team.  Summer nationals are choosing four teams.  In my event the 100 free they will take the top 16 girls so I would have a pretty good chance of making a team if I really wanted to.  It is a huge commitment and I don’t know if I want to move on with my life or do that.  So well see.


9. What are your hobbies?


I still like working out a lot.  In my two years off I was a personal trainer and I’m really into lifting weights and trying to keep my body toned.  So that is my big hobby that I’m going to take on.  I also have so many photo albums that I need to put together and do scrapbooking and stuff like that.


10. What are your plans after college?


 As of now I applied to graduate school here for exercise physiology so hopefully I will get my master’s in that.  Then once I have the degree, there are so many different things that I could do.  I could work in a cardiology clinic helping former heart attack patients with rehab, or I could work at a gym as a personal trainer.






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