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10 Questions With…Ryan Strauss

April 4, 2006

By Ben Murphy
FSU Sports Information

Sophomore Ryan Strauss went from pitching and playing a little bit in the outfield in 2005 to being one of FSU’s top hitters in 2006. The breakout star sat down with us to answer 10 questions.

How did you get into baseball?

I started playing when I was three years old.  My dad would toss balls to me and stuff and then I started little league when I was about five and I kept with it.


How has the transition from playing high school baseball to college baseball been?  Is it much different?

Physically, I don’t think the game is that much different, maybe somewhat in the sense that it requires more mental toughness than it did back in high school, but when you’re pitching, you can’t just throw a fast ball by them, you have to locate and find your spots or else they’ll get you.


Your freshman year here at Florida State, you were one of the solid relief pitchers on the staff and this year you haven’t pitched a single inning.  So, my question to you is whose decision was it to make the change?

At the start of the season I was injured and I couldn’t pitch.  I had tendonitis in my elbow.  Along with pitcher, I was an outfield backup and after two of our other left fielders ended up getting hurt; they put me in to fill the slot.


Your position as it is shown is pitcher/outfielder.  Which of those positions do you like to play more and why?  Do you take normal batting practice with the team or split up that time with pitching workouts?

I like them both equally.  Right now I’ve just been doing everything as an outfielder considering how well our pitching has been.  I really haven’t pitched too much, maybe a little bit here and there.


What is your pre-game routine?  Do you do anything for good luck?

Not really, just normal stuff.


I know this is your first year really getting to hit on a normal basis, but did you choose a bat song?  If so, which one and why?

My pitching song is the same as my bat song.  It’s Voo Doo Child by Jimmy Hendrix.  I used it when I played this past summer as well.


What are some of the positives and negatives about being on the baseball team here at Florida State?

Some of the positives are of course getting to play with some great guys, it’s a lot of fun and we pretty much get everything we need.  On the other hand, I don’t have time for much else outside of baseball.  It’s very time consuming.


What are some of your favorite things to do with your free time outside of baseball?

I like to watch movies and play the guitar, but outside of that like I said before I really don’t have too much time for much else.


Who would you say is your closest teammate/teammates?  When you guys hang out, what are some of the things you do?

My roommates are probably who I’m closest with on the team, Tony Thomas, Jr., Stephen Ochs and Brian Kelley and we just hang out and do normal stuff.  We sometimes go to the movies, go to parties or just hang out.


What are your personal goals for this season?

Considering I started off as a pitcher I didn’t really make any for hitting, but I just want to improve on last season and keep things going and continue doing what I’ve been doing lately.  


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