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1997 Football Highs & Lows


1997 Highs & Lows

FLORIDA STATE INDIVIDUALS RUSHING Longest Run From Scrimmage: 87, Travis Minor vs. Virginia (TD) Most Rushing Attempts: 30, Travis Minor vs. N. Carolina (128 yards) Most Yards Rushing: 155 yards, Travis Minor vs. Virginia (17 carries) Most TD’s Rushing: 2, Travis Minor vs. Miami,Virginia & NC State, Busby vs. Duke PASSING Longest Pass Play: 80, Thad Busby to Peter Warrick vs. Clemson, and E. G. Green vs. NCSU Most Passes Attempted: 47 (30 completed) by Thad Busby vs. Georgia Tech Most Passes Completed: 30 (47 attempts) by Thad Busby vs. Georgia Tech Most Yards Passing: 463 yards, Thad Busby vs. NC State Most TD Passes Thrown: 5, Thad Busby vs. NC State RECEIVING Most Receiving Yards: 249 yards (8 rec.), Peter Warrick vs. Clemson Most Receptions in a Game: 8 (249 yards), Peter Warrick vs. Clemson; 8 (184), Green vs. NCSU Most TD Receptions in a Game: 3, E.G. Green & vs. NC State DEFENSE Most Interceptions in a Game: 2, Samari Rolle vs. Miami & Wake Forest Longest Interception Return: 39 yards, Shevin Smith vs. Clemson Most Total Tackles: 19, Dexter Jackson vs. NC State Most Unassisted Tackles: 2, Sam Cowart vs. So. California Most Quarterback Sacks: 3, Andre Wadsworth vs. Virginia, N. Carolina & Wake Forest SPECIAL TEAMS Longest Field Goal: 56 yards, Sebastian Janikowski vs. W. Forest (school record) Most FG’s in a Game: 3, Sebastian Janikowski vs. Wake Forest & Florida Longest Punt: 54 yards, Keith Cottrell vs. Clemson (career-long) & Florida Most Punts in a Game: 7, Keith Cottrell vs. So. California , Clemson, GA Tech & N. Carolina Best Punting Average: 42.7 yards, Keith Cottrell on 7 punts vs. So. California Longest Kickoff Return: 38, Germaine Stringer vs. Clemson Longest Punt Return: 90, Peter Warrick vs. Clemson MOST YARDS TOTAL OFFENSE: 433 (463 pass- 30 run), Thad Busby vs. NC State OPPONENT INDIVIDUALS RUSHING Longest Run from Scrimmage: 61 yards by Fred Taylor, Florida Most Rushes in a Game: 25 carries (77 yards), by Raymond Priester, Clemson Most Yards Rushing: 162 yards (22 carries) by Fred Taylor, Florida Most TDs Rushing: 4 by Fred Taylor, Florida PASSING Most Yards Passing: 251, Ben Sankey, Wake Forest (21-of-41) Most Completions: 21 by Ben Sankey, Wake Forest (41 attempts Most Attempts: 41, Jamie Barnette, NC State(17-of-41), Ben Sankey, W. Forest Longest Pass Play: 63 yards, Doug Johnson to J. Green, Florida Most TDs Passing: 5, Jamie Barnette, NC State Most INTs Passing: 5, Ben Sankey, Wake Forest SPECIAL TEAMS Longest Field Goal: 46, McGee, N. Carolina Most Field Goals: 2, Matt Padgett, Clemson; Sims Lenhard, Duke Longest Punt: 64, Laird, Clemson, Williams, GA Tech Longest Kickoff Return: 77, Tony Horne, Clemson Longest Punt Return: 28, by Jacquez Green, Florida Longest Interception Return: 29 yards, Chad Morton, USC TEAM HIGHS AND LOWS Florida State Opponent Points Scored HIGH 51 vs. Duke 35 by NC State LOW 14 vs. USC 0, by Miami, Ga Tech Total Offense HIGH 587 vs. GA Tech 499 by Florida LOW 334 vs. N. Carolina 73 by N. Carolina First Downs Rushing HIGH 11 vs. Florida 7 by NC State LOW 2 vs. USC, W. Forest 1 by Miami , Virginia, UNC First Downs Passing HIGH 23 vs. Wake Forest 14 by Clemson, NC State LOW 7 vs. Clemson 2 by Maryland Total Plays HIGH 82 vs. Maryland, Miami 92 by NC State LOW 48 vs. Clemson 48 by N. Carolina Rushing Yards HIGH 212 vs. Virginia 181 by NC State LOW 26 vs. Wake Forest -33 by Miami* Rushing Attempts HIGH 45 vs. Miami 43 by NC State LOW 20 vs. Clemson,WF 25 by N. Carolina Passing Yards HIGH 489 vs. GA Tech 336 by Florida LOW 159 vs. N.Carolina 57 by Maryland Passes Completed HIGH 37 vs. Maryland 21 by Wake Forest LOW 16 at Duke 8 by Maryland Passes Attempted HIGH 52 vs. Maryland 41 by NC State, Wake Forest LOW 28 vs. Clemson 13 by Maryland Passes Had Intercepted HIGH 2 vs. USC & Florida 5, by Wake Forest LOW 0 vs. GA Tech, WF 0, Maryland Penalties HIGH 20 at Duke* 9 vs. Duke, UVA, NCSU LOW 4 vs. Miami 5 by Miami Yards Penalized HIGH 148 vs. NC State 96 by Virginia LOW 35 vs. Miami 32 by Miami Fumbles HIGH 4 vs. USC, Clemson 4 by Miami, Duke LOW 0 vs. 4 opponents 0 by Maryland Fumbles Lost HIGH 2 vs. Clemson 2 by Duke & Florida LOW 0 vs.5 opponents 0 by Miami, Tech

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