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3-D With The DB’s

April 8, 2005

Compiled by Willie Jones, defensive end/sportsinformation

Florida State junior defensive end Willie Jones, who is interning with the sports information department this spring, interviewed three members of the defensive backfield and asked them twelve off the field questions in the first edition of 3-D. Here’s what Pat Watkins, Gerard Ross and Roger Williams had to say when Willie sat down with them.

Pat Watkins

Gerard Ross

Roger Williams
Most embarrassing moment When I was in middle school and I jumped a rail and fell on my face
In little league baseball, I thought I was going to win MVP and I started getting up and someone else won and everynody laughed at me I don’t know
I want to pursue a career in… Being a police officer A trucking business Sports Agent
Worst Habit I have too many Bitting my finger nails Speaking to the public
Favorite Rapper Lil Wayne Outcast 2Pac
Best state for high school football Florida Florida all day Georgia
Reality show you would most want to be on Survivor American Idol, I really know how to sing Survivor
What do you collect Pennies Old Pictures of my teammates and DVD’s DVD’s
Favorite Tallahassee restaurant Applebees Kings Silver Slipper
SuperBowl or National Championship SuperBowl National Championship SuperBowl
Most famous person you ever met I met Ben Roethlisberger at a SuperBowl party Fred Taylor That’s a hard one
I always say… I knew that You know what I’m saying Wuz Up
Favorite Shoe Brand Nike Chuck Taylors Nike
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