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6 Things You Should Know About Being A Placement Holder

Oct. 10, 2007

What A Life
The life of a kicker specialist / holder is one every football player dreams about – all of the perks and none of the physical exertion. While the offensive line is constantly getting beat up by the defensive line, the kickers are kicking footballs through the uprights and getting out of the way of the much bigger players.

The Pressure Can Get To You
The act of holding for field goals and extra points is the most overlooked position on the football field. Although it doesn’t seem that receiving a snap and setting it down on the field is difficult, think again. What makes the job of holding difficult is the pressure put on you to spot the ball correctly and perfectly each time. If you miss the spot or
have the laces facing the wrong way, the kick will be dramatically affected. Fortunately, our snapper (Garrison Sanborn) is very effective and makes my job easy.

Practice Makes Perfect
It looks easy doesn’t it? But the pass from the snapper who is looking at you from upside down can be a tricky one to receive. You have to concentrate, receive the ball the same way each time, and place the ball down exactly where the kicker is expecting it to be. You try getting a snap down in front of 85,000 people with the most athletic players in college football bearing down on you. I challenge you to be able to get a snap down.

Like A Well Oiled Machine
The mechanics of holding are as easy as one, two, three, four, five , six , seven and eight. I put my back leg down, my front leg up, put one finger on the spot Gary Cismesia is looking at, tell the snapper I’m ready, catch the snap from Garrison Sanborn, place the ball down and celebrate a successful kick.

I Also Double As The Seminoles’ Back-Up Punter
Although most punters started their football careers as soccer player, I began my punting career by kicking basketballs in my middle school gymnasium. My kicking career progressed from there. I punted well enough in high school to earn
a scholarship to the University of Louisville and after two years transferred to Florida State and back to my hometown.

A Holder Is Dependant On The Snapper
The last thing to know is that I am dependant on our snapper. A good snap will almost guarantee that you will a
have good hold on a placement or a good drop on a punt. My job is always made easier with a dependable snapper and ours is one of the best and most consistent in all of college football.

By Brent Moody
Florida State Football

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