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A Seminole Conversation: Brett Williams

Aug. 7, 2002

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Split tackle Brett Williams is in his fourth year starting on an offensive line that returns all five starters from a year ago. Williams sat down with to talk about the goals of the offensive line and the difference between this year’s team compared to last season.

Do you have any personal goals for the upcoming season?

“I want to make first team All-American and get drafted in the first round. Those are really my only personal goals for this year. The goals we have this year are more team goals and as an offensive line.”

What has been your most memorable experience of your Florida State career?

“Winning the National Championship in 1999 against Virginia Tech my freshman year is definitely my most memorable. My freshman year I got to start and played against two pretty good defensive ends that game in Corey Moore and John Engleberger and did pretty well against them so it made it that much sweeter. ”

What is the biggest difference in practice you notice so far compared to last season?

“Everybody knows what they’re doing this year. Last year guys were kind of feeling their way around and this year everybody knows the plays and we have been able to put in more plays than we have at this time last year. Everything is a lot faster and more experienced so far this year.”

What was the hardest thing, in your mind, about last season?

“Not having any experience out there. We only had a few guys who had that much playing time out there on the field. We had a freshman quarterback too, that was rough, but we took our lumps and now we’re ready to get it on this year.”

With the offensive line returning all five seniors, what expectations as a group do you have for 2002?

“We’ve got to be the best offensive line in the country hands down. That’s our goal. We’re using that as our measuring stick coming in everyday and practicing the way we do as the number one O-line in the country. That’s how we look at it. We’ve got the ability and the experience, it’s just going to come down if we can come together.”

Since you played on the 1999 National Championship team, what similarities do you see in this year’s team and the potential to make a run at another title?

“The main thing I see right now is the leadership. That year we had a lot of older guys and everybody there had played for a while and had been in National Championships before. I see we’ve got that kind of confidence out there now because we know we’re older and we put something together the last two games of the year against Georgia Tech and a very good Virginia Tech team in the Gator Bowl, so that gave us some momentum that I think we are still feeding off of going into this year.”

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