August 15, 2002 - by
A Seminole Conversation – Chris Rix

Aug. 15, 2002

Sophomore Chris Rix had a breakout campaign in 2001 which garnered him ACC Rookie of the Year honors. He is now being mentioned as a Heisman Trophy candidate but he still has time for The quarterback sat down for a quick Q&A on the last day of two-a-days. What is your favorite sports movie?

Chris Rix: “On Any Given Sunday” Complete this sentence, “If I didn’t play football I would…”

Chris Rix: I would get envolved with either broadcasting or ministry. What is the best thing about being a quarterback?

Chris Rix: The platform it gives you to reach such a large magnitude of people. Especially being the quarterback at Florida State. Which do you prefer, day games or night games and why?

Chris Rix: Night games. They are more like high school. You see things a little better and I’m a little more used to them. Out in California, I played all of my high school games at night. Since you are just a year removed from your first season as a starter, what advice do you have for this year’s freshmen?

Chris Rix: Be patient. Work Hard. Be ready at any time. Are there any teams you haven’t played that you would like to face?

Chris Rix: USC or UCLA

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