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A Seminole Conversation – Rufus Brown

Aug. 21, 2002

Starting right corner Rufus Brown sat down with and talked about this years’ team and his goals for the upcoming season. The cornerback from El Paso, TX looks to improve as a player in 2002 and to help the Seminoles win another National Championship. Brown had the role of playing former Virginia Tech Hokie Michael Vick in preparations for the 1999 National Championship game in the Sugar Bowl.

How hard was it for you and as a secondary to go through last season being so young?

It was real hard! One of the biggest things was having to play loose. Me coming in, I learned how to play press, so in a sense it was kind of like they didn’t have confidence in us, so they had two players out there to press. It was long and hard, but as the season went through we gained more confidence and it didn’t bother us as much.

What’s the biggest difference in this years’ team that you have noticed during preseason practice?

We have a lot more seniors this year and more leadership. There are more guys to step it up and want to take control. We know the talent is there, but it’s just the matter of getting everybody together. I think the mind set is a lot more focused this year than last.

Has Mickey Andrews set any goals for the secondary this season?

Don’t get beat deep! He wants you to go out there and give it your best. The ultimate goal is to be the best secondary in the nation, but we want to go out there, play together and just have fun.

What do you think the biggest challenge for this team is this year?

Putting everything together. We’ve got a lot of talent back from last year. The biggest excuse last year was that we were young, but we can’t use that this year. This year we have to use that talent to bring it all together.

Who has been your biggest mentor on and off the field?

Probably both of my parents. My mom, she’s the one that has been there since I have been real little as far as school and academics. My father has always been there if I never needed anyone to talk to, or if I have ever had any problems. Both of them have always been there for me.

What are your expectations and personal goals for 2002?

Six interceptions (laughing)! There are the big goals such as the Thorpe Award, but you can’t look at those. I want to at least get an interception this year. I haven’t had one since my freshman year, so I think that’s my biggest personal goal. I just want to be able to help the team out to succeed this year.

If you had the ability to control this season, what would the outcome be for Rufus Brown and the Seminoles?

To go out on top and leave the season with a ring on my finger.

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