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ACC Football Teleconference – Bobby Bowden – Florida State University

ACC Football Teleconference – Bobby Bowden – Florida State University


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ACC Football Teleconference - Bobby Bowden

Coach Bowden spoke with the media during the weekly ACC teleconference on Wednesday.  Here is a transcript from the call:

Opening Statement:

MikeO_D304856.jpgWe are anxious to play this weekend.  You always are after a loss.  You'd like to play as soon as you can after a loss and get that one behind you.  We practiced well on Monday and Tuesday and our kids and coaches are in good spirits.

Have you read the statement from FSU President T.K. Wetherell and do you feel it give you the backing to get through the season with limited distractions?

Yes, I appreciate his support and I think he is wise and I am very thankful.  We tell our players not to pay attention to this stuff but just to concentrate on the next opponent and I am sure that is what they do.

How much does the furor of the last week motivate you to have a strong finish to the season?

Yes it makes you want to do it better.  This dadgum team is so close to being 5-0 but we're not.  It's not like we are getting crushed.  Every game we have played in has come down to the 4th quarter.  The last time I went through this I was in West Virginia in 1974.  I was going through the same dadgum thing.  My president and my athletic director came to me and said Bobby we don't care what they say you are the guy and they stuck with me.  I have been through it before but I wish that it did not occur but their aint but one answer, winning.    

What were your goals at the start of the season and how have those changed through five games?

The first goal is to win the division.  Then if you do that win the ACC and go to a BCS bowl.  That's always your goal.  Then you lose a couple like we did and your backs to the wall yet there is still a chance.  Our goal now is to be 3-3.

What needs to be tweaked to have a good outcome against Georgia Tech?  

We need to quit making mistakes and tackle better.

Are things where you want them to be in terms of a decision regarding your future coaching?

I believe they are.  Same old story.  When the season is over I will let them know if I want to come back.      

Has your thought process changed after what has happened over the last few days?

No, you have heard the expression if you listen to your critics you will be sitting up there with them, so don't listen.  

After the week you have been through do you anticipate your team will come out with a BYU performance or will it have an opposite reaction?

There is one thing about this team, and it hasn't been their effort.  What would scare you is if you had bad effort.  If the kids were not trying, the kids were not running, kids were not hustling but that hasn't been our problem.  Our problem has been making critical errors at the wrong time.  It all goes back to blocking, tackling and execution.  If we can get that part straightened out then we would be a pretty dadgum good team.  

Is it time to make some critical position changes?

That's exactly what you are looking for each week.  You hope to have this straightened out after a couple of games but we still have some question marks.  If someone asked me who was going to start at safety and who was going to start at corner it's hard to answer because a lot of time Mickey (Andrews) will change his mind on gameday and decide to start another guy.  We are still looking for the guy.

What makes wide receiver Demaryius Thomas so good in your opinion?

He's got talent.  He is big and can run and can catch.  To me he is ideal to play that position.

How do you try and slow Thomas down?

You have to try and stay on him tight.  Don't go to sleep.  If you go to sleep on him he is going to score.  That is what they do, they run, run, run and when your back starts getting itchy and wants to start coming up then they will pop it with that long one.  You can't go to sleep on him.  

How difficult have the last few days been for you coach?

If I was 40 years old I would be shaking in my boots.  But I am 79 and I have been through it and most of my coaches behind me.  To me the only thing I worry about it is it distracting to my team.  I don't think it is and I don't get that talking to my kids.  I tell them what to listen to and what not to.

Do you feel like a 40-year old again trying to prove yourself like the old days?

When you get my age and you know you are not going to coach forever you would like to go out on top.  It's so disappointing to me right now.  The good thing is that most of this team will be coming back next year.  We want to do it now.  The thing I tell my people is that the season aint over.  Let's get the season over and then see what happens.     

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Let's let Bobby go out like the classy professional coach that he is....let's just stop with the mud-slinging. To all his critics I say "If you had as many years coaching as he has, you would demand to go out on your own terms too!....he's earned that much!!!" Who wouldn't want to retire with a national title and leave on top! While the University's Football program may need to head in a new direction, Bobby is still a coaching legend and deserves to go out with dignity....not treated like some bum!! Leave him alone and don't distract the team with this junk during the season! It will all be sorted out after the season.

Coach Bowden, the true Nole fans still believe in you and what you mean to this program. Good luck Saturday...let's get that win and show everyone how great of a coach you are. Go Noles!

The comment by Craig is right on! I have been reading all of these reports and as usual the writers try to find the worse and not what is positive. I liked what Bobby said about how close they were to being 5-0. He is right. With a few breaks and less bad calls(!) going our way we would be at 5-0. But, we aren't and now everybody wants his head. I have said to them, lay off and give the team a chance. I say that to the so-called trustee that wants him to step down. He and other people are spoiled. They are used to 11-1, 10-2, 12-0 teams. We have had a couple off seasons. There are many coaches and schools out there that would be very satisfied with a 7-6, 8-5, 9-4,etc. plus going to the bowls. To the ones that always have negative comments I have only one thing to say, shut up. If you don't have anything positive to say, then don't say anything at all. I live by 5 important words; Stop, Look, Listen, Think, and REACT. You should be a shamed of yourselves for saying this crap and not standing behind your team. Example; N.D. is 4-1. Wow. Weis is ticked that they are not in the top 25! Well, if he played some good teams - he might be. But, he is 4-1 because of some lucky breaks and playing 8 home games this season. Penn St. is the same. They play powerhouses like; Akron, Syracuse, Temple, East Illinois, etc.. I have nothing against Joe, but he hasn't coached the team for a few years and he always plays a weak schedule. In truth,he actually has about 300 good games that he has won. Bobby plays anybody that will play us. Look at this season alone; all of the teams we have played so far have very good records and doing very well. I heard that FSU had the toughest schedule this year. Bobby never runs away. It is the opposite for the other teams. I don't believe there are many out there that want to play FSU. Why? Because they know that even when FSU is down, they are very dangerous and can easily win the game. I hope we can win out. Then, I want to hear what the critics have to say. In the meantime, I feel our offense has to learn how to get it in the endzone when we are down close. Mix up the plays. The defense needs to believe that that is their field, whether it is at home or away, and that nobody is going to score on them. No negatives. Only positives. I look forward to seeing this team in a bowl. Hope it is the Orange and I look forward to seeing Bobby next season going big time with the title. He deserves to go out on the highest note. He has such class. As does his assistants. What I see at FSU and I was there back in the very early 60s is loyalty, which you don't see much of anymore. It makes me proud to be part of FSU and whether we win or lose,(rather win), they play a very exciting game. Go NOLES. Have pride in yourselves always.

GO COACH BOWDEN!! I dread the day to see Florida State without Coach Bowden. He is not only a coach, but he's a mentor to the athletes. He's not a coach that just focuses on the W (because 5 years from now it won't matter anyways), but the athlete. He instills in them character and morals of life, then the importance of their education. Then football. He would much rather see them excel in life than in football. Now that's a REAL COACH! He has proven to be a rock for this program, and he has a right to stay as long as he chooses. Please don't retire Coach Bowden!

I think that I speak for all the TRUE Noles fans when I say that it will be a sad day for Florida State when Coach Bowden walks off the field for the last time. It breaks my heart to see what he and his family has had to endure these last few weeks. I truely hope that he stays with the program for as long as HE wants to and is able to leave on his own terms. He is such a great coach, and person, and has done so much for the school that he deserves that right. Go Noles!!!

Bobby Bowden that joseph warren is fan of you because i want to see you win another championship one time. and i want you to come back year in 2010 season i hope thinks will be better for you and your seminoles nation program god bless you keep living a good life take care you and your family.

Coach Bowden, I hope you stay as long as you can and want to. I support you! Thank you for all you've done and are doing for FSU. GO NOLES!!!

Coach Bowden, Hang in there. You are Florida State. This is from a Ms. State graduate and high school coach.

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