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ACC To Adopt Big Ten Model For Use Of Instant Replay For 2005 Season

April 14, 2005

Greensboro, NC –
The Atlantic Coast Conference will model its experimental instant replay procedures for the upcoming 2005 football season on the guidelines developed by the Big Ten Conference this past season, ACC Commissioner John Swofford announced today following Conference meetings Wednesday and Thursday in Greensboro.

In addition, the Conference voted to use instant replay for all of its home games during the 2005 season, pending the approval of respective non-conference home opponents.

“We feel that this system will benefit officiating in college football,” said Swofford. “All of us want a correct ruling on the field and we believe that implementing this system will enhance the quality of officiating. The system that was used by the Big Ten this past season received very positive reviews by administrators and coaches alike.”

Key Points of the Big Ten Replay System:

The replay system allows for specific types of officiating mistakes to be immediately reviewed and corrected during all Conference games.

Only the Technical Advisor, working in the press box, can stop a game to review a play. Unlike the NFL model, neither the coaches nor the game officials on the field may ask for a review.

In order for a play to be changed, the Technical Advisor must have indisputable video evidence that an error occurred. Television broadcast of the game will be the sole source of whether there is indisputable video evidence.

The replay system will not guarantee that all officiating mistakes are identified and corrected.

The types of plays that are reviewable include plays that are governed by the sideline, goal line, end zone and end line, passing plays, and other detectable infractions, such as forward progress with respect to first down.


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