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After A Few Days Away, #23 Seminoles Return To Practice Fields Monday

Oct. 20, 2008

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – Following a win Thursday night in Raleigh, NC, the Seminoles were given the weekend off. During their time away, the team returned to campus to find themselves back among the top 25 including a spot in the initial BCS poll. Florida State’s win over NC State Thursday, coupled with a loss by Wake Forest, not only put FSU in the polls but it also vaulted the Seminoles back into the ACC race. FSU took one last look at NC State Monday night when they spent 12 periods in shorts correcting mistakes from the win over the Wolfpack.



Head Coach Bobby Bowden

On getting ready for a physical Virginia Tech one week after beating NC State on the road:

“We did our normal thing on Monday night. We started to take a look at Virginia Tech and it is going to be yet another tough and physical football game. That game last week was pretty physical. You can always tell if you are in the middle of a real physical game by how much your boys come off the field limping around. We expect this week’s game to be even more physical than it was last week against NC State.”


On the momentum his team has gained recently and the chance to keep it going at home this week:

“It’s good. We still have a long way to go this season, but we still have a lot of real tough ones out there in front of us. We have Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech out in front of us the next two weeks.”


On getting back into the thick of the ACC Championship race:

“You kinda do. Everybody in the conference has lost one game. It doesn’t get any easier. You get all up for a ball game and you gotta have it; you go out there and play good and then you win it. Alright, so what you have to go and play again the next week against somebody even tougher.”


WR Taiwan Easterling

On what the team is going to do after the win against NC State:

“We feel pretty good after the win but we just got to come out this week and execute in practice and try to do the same on the field. That’s what we’re gonna try to do this week, just try to get everything together and just try to execute on Saturday.”


On Virginia Tech’s defense:

“They are going to be pretty tough so we’re going to be working that out this week. Knowing their different types of coaches they’re going to be running so there’s going to be a big game plan this week. We know their defense is probably the toughest defense we’ve played this year. We’re gonna have to come out just knowing how to execute this Saturday.”


DE Everette Brown:

On what the defense needs to work on this week:

“The main thing we have to work on as a defensive end unit is just not rushing past the quarterback. Last game our quickness and speed actually hurt us because we got to giving too much running lanes. Every time you give a mobile quarterback some running lanes, that’s all they can ask for. We have to work on, and we’re already working on it, is just not rushing past the quarterback and just closing out the pocket and containing it.”


On what they learned against NC State to use against Virginia Tech:

“Well I think the main thing the NC State game did was just bring out the character in the team. We went out there and faced adversity and came out flat. Didn’t start the game as well as we knew we could as far as playing and bringing enthusiasm so it just brought us together and showed our character. That’s something we know now. We know if we go out and play our best and play to our potential we can be very successful.”


Safety Jamie Robinson


On returning to Doak Campbell Stadium after a month absence:

“Its always good to play in front of the home crowd. We have been gone for almost a month now, so we are going to get back in the stadium and be real energized. Last year, Virginia Tech was real energized in our game at their stadium. We are going to feed off our fans and their energy and hopefully come out with a victory.”


On being back in the race for the ACC Championship:

“Coach Bowden mentioned to us before practice that everybody in the conference has at least one loss, so we know that we are right there in the running. We kind of control our own destiny and that is right where you want to be as a team. It is all on us. We are going to prepare like that each week and just try to get it done.”


On matching Virginia Tech’s toughness and matching their physicality on the field:

“They are tough-nosed football team that is going to try and run the football on us. They are big and physical. There wide receivers are good blockers, really their whole team are good at blocking. Virginia Tech is always real physical, and we know that is something that they are going to try and do. They are going to pound the ball against us, so we have to answer the call and be real physical with them and stop the run.”


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