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Alexander Johnson: A Leader for Years to Come

Jan. 24, 2005

One of the biggest assets to the Florida State men’s basketball team is Alexander Johnson. Since his arrival from Bridgton Academy in Maine, he has proven game after game that he came here to make a difference. Alexander Johnson was rated by rivals.com as the 16th best player in the 2003 class, and coming out of high school was one of the nation’s most recruited basketball players. As a sophomore, Alexander Johnson, known by most as “AJ”, has attained credits respective to those last year at Florida State.

Johnson’s freshman year was one of great success for him and the team as well. He proved to be a pivotal player, helping the Seminoles to one of their best seasons ever. He was honored by being named to the 2004 All-ACC Freshman Team, a feat that makes him only the third Seminole in history to do the same. Johnson was the team’s second leading scorer, and the only freshman on the team to start a game last year. This made him the first freshman in almost ten years to finish a season ranked first or second on the team in scoring. Johnson earned two awards at the Seminoles’ season-ending banquet – the top field goal percentage shooter on the team and the award for academic achievement among first year players.

“Having those honors in my first year here is something I knew I could do, and my teammates and coach help me get there,” Johnson said. “I want to be remembered as player who tried their best everyday and gave 110%, especially one who helped the Seminoles win games.”

Thankfully, for the Florida State basketball team, Tallahassee is near Johnson’s hometown of Albany, Georgia. Proximity was the number one deciding factor for him to decide to play here versus offers from other schools such as Georgia, Kentucky and Connecticut to name a few.

“Florida State was real close to my home and family, and I did not want to be far so they could all come out and watch my games,” Johnson added. “I had also watched Coach Hamilton for a while, and I knew he was a good guy to come out and play for.”

Johnson’s path to success has not all been smooth sailing. He has overcome ankle injuries in both ankles, sustained from high school, which did not get treated properly until he arrived at FSU, as well as a pulled hamstring that occurred this fall. Johnson battles day in and out with these ailing injuries and keeps striving for further success.

“My injuries never really got the chance to get better until I came to FSU and got good treatment,” Johnson admitted. “The trainers and doctors here have helped me out a lot and without them I don’t think I could play as well or maybe even at all.”

Despite his ailments, Johnson was one of the players that made up the nation’s consensus, and Florida State’s, number one recruiting class of 2003. He plans to keep that trend alive by trying to help the Seminoles become the nation’s number one team in collegiate basketball. Whether Johnson is setting new team records, or even just personal ones, it is a certainty that this sophomore is going to excel on the court. There are no limits to his talent, and Alexander Johnson will definitely be a name that goes down in Florida State basketball record books and history.

By Lauren Segal
Florida State Sports Information
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