April 1, 2005 - by
All-American Candidate Shane Robinson Q&A

April 1, 2005

Outfielder Shane Robinson is having the kind of season few players even dream of. He is hitting .492, he has 27 RBIs and 27 steals…oh yeah he has also hit in a school record 38 consecutive games. The sophomore sat down with seminoles.com recently and talked about baseball and “the streak”.

By Scott Cunningham

FSU Sports Information


Do you have a favorite professional team?

“The Yankees, my dad is from New York so I was raised a Yankees fan.”


Do you have a favorite player?

“Derek Jeter, because I hear about his work ethic and everything he did when he was growing up to get to where he is. He set a goal for himself when he was young and he obtained it, so I think I look up to him a lot.”


Was there a point in the season where you noticed the streak, or did it just sneak up on you?

“Yeah, it kind of snuck up on me. I really didn’t know what the streak was until I got to about 30 and somebody mentioned to me that I was getting close to it (record). They asked me if I knew what the record was and I said that I didn’t want to know.”


What is the best thing about the hit streak?

“Come out here trying to help the team out, and fortunately I put together a hit streak. It’s nice to have a record like that with your name on it, but all together, it’s about getting wins for the team.”


Is it hard not to think about it?

“The only time I really did was at the first game at Duke, to break it. I felt a little bit of pressure and thought about it a little bit. After that, I really didn’t think about it anymore and I probably won’t for the rest of the season.”


How is the team doing so far this season?

“I think we’re going great. The new guys are learning what it takes to win. They’re starting to get into the ACC games and the middle of what it’s really like to play competitive teams that are playing for a reason and I think we’re adjusting well to it. Coming out here and being focused every game is a big key for us, and if we can do that, we’ll be able to do well for the rest of the season.”

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