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All That Is Left Is To Play The Game. Seminoles Wrap-Up Wake Game Plan

Sept. 18, 2008

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – The 24th-ranked Florida State football team put the finishing touches on its game plan for 18th-ranked Wake Forest Thursday afternoon. FSU practiced for 15 periods in helmets and shorts and worked the entire time versus scout teams. With the final pieces of the game plan in place, Florida State’s players and coaches will now have to bide their time until kick-off Saturday night at 7:00 p.m. (ESPN2).



Head Coach Bobby Bowden

Opening Statement:

 “Just what I saw today, we had so many missed assignments. We can not win the game with missed assignments. They have 48 hours to learn what they are doing.”


On worrying about this:

“Number one I don’t worry. I may be concerned about something, but I don’t worry. I don’t worry about things like this. I’ll let them worry. They have to get it straightened out.”


Were both offense and defense missing assignments:

“It was mostly offense. They were lining up in the wrong place, running the wrong way and missing assignments. I don’t remember it being this bad.”


His concerns for the game:

“The only thing you can be concerned about is playing the best you can. The only thing we can do is play the best we can. Execution has to be a part of that; that is the thing that disturbed me today.”


On his young team in comparison to Wake’s veterans:

“We will find out what kind of fight we have. We also need to be quicker. If we are not quicker, we are in for a long day. Our biggest focus is being quicker. When you’re smaller, you need to be quicker.”


On if he wins this game, if his team will be in the driver’s seat of the ACC:

“All of our concentration has been on Wake Forest and not what happens after. We all know the value. You simply have to win your ball games or you’re not going to get there.”


On Wake:

“They look better. The coaches said they had a chance to be better. They do look better. They have the same guys but with an extra year of experience.”


Quarterback Christian Ponder:

On whether he agrees with coach Bowden saying that it was a bad practice:

“I think it was. I think everyone is getting a little nervous now and a little excited. I think this is new to the young guys. We are going to walk thought it a little bit with them. We still have two days. We are going to correct it. We are going to get into our meetings tomorrow and talk about it. We will be ready to go.”


What mistakes were made:

“It was just missed assignments. A lot of guys were mainly not focused today, but it’s not that big. We just have to regroup, get in our meetings, and really look over what we need to do.”


If there is more of a buzz on this game:

“Ya there has been. People are definitely talking about it. This is really a chance for us to be on top and to show we can play. A lot of people were talking about us playing (FCS) teams and that is fine, but we need to come out in this game and show we can actually hit them as well.”


DB Tony Carter

On the Wake Forest Game:

“We need to know our assignments and not give up big plays. They’re a team that lives by big plays and feeds off the other teams mistakes. If we play the way we are capable of playing we should be fine.”


On what the Wake Forest offense runs:

“They run a lot of base sets with a lot of motions and a lot of shifts. They do some things that the average team doesn’t run. They have smart players and they do a lot of things if you aren’t disciplined on defense you can lose the ballgame.”


On the home crowd

“It would be nice [to have the stands full]. It’s a nighttime game and it’s going to be on TV so everybody is going to be watching. We need our fans, they’re kind of like an extra player on the field for us and if we win they will come back next week.”



OUT: A.J. Ganguzza (knee), Maurice Harris (knee), Toshmon Stevens (calf) and Jamar Jackson (knee)


QUESTIONABLE: Carlton Jones (ankle)



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