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Alumni Spotlight: Yuruby Alicart

In the past there have been many women who have attended Florida State University and have played softball for the Florida State program.  Over the next couple of months, my teammates and I will be doing Spotlights on previous players who have played here at Florida State.

Recently I got the opportunity to talk to an alumna here at Florida State University, Yuruby Alicart Ramirez. Yuruby was born on August 25, 1985 and played shortstop at FSU from Fall 2005 to Spring 2007.  She has been a member of the Venezuela National Team since the age of 12. In Yuruby’s last season in 2007, she batted .324, with 17 doubles, 14 homeruns, 56 RBIs and 53 runs scored as she was named to the NFCA All-Southeast Region First Team. She also set the FSU single-season record with 19 doubles in 2006.

What are you doing now…job, family and fun things in life?
I am an active member of the national team for Venezuela Softball. I also work at the Venezuela National Customs and Tax Service. Currently I’m immersing myself in community activities, namely, softball skills camps with other partners around the country. We call our project, “Tricolor Dream”, betting on the future. Thanks to these skills camps, we encourage new talent and make softball grow up and blossom across the country.

What skill did you acquire as a FSU Softball player that is helping you in your life now?
FSU was a great lesson in the school of my life with exceptional memories I will always treasure. Now I look back and I can say that FSU taught me discipline, to accept how important it was to be organized and to do my best on the field and in the classroom.

Any words of wisdom to me as a current Nole player or words to my teammates?
Enjoy every game, and make sure you have fun on the field, because they are the best times you may live as students and athletes. You will end up with lots of great memories, which can be told and laughed out loud.

What jersey number did you wear and why?
17, because when I transferred all the numbers that I liked were already taken. Nobody had the number 17, it was not such a bad number and I eagerly took it.

What school did you enjoy competing against and why?
When I played Virginia Tech, they had a great pitcher, Angela Tincher, who was one of the best in the NCAA and that made our games a high standard and very, very competitive. I remember the Georgia Bulldogs because first, they fought with us in the regionals and second, it was a very exciting game that we deservedly won. The Florida Gators also.

I then had a hot seat with Yuruby about her teammates she played with and asked her some quick questions, and these were the answers she gave me:

Who was the funniest teammate you played with?
All of them had a great sense of humor. However, I remember Courtney Rosen, Kelly Langston, Kayla Collins, Terese Gober and Veronica Wootson, and I can’t miss Whitney Buckmon, she always had something fun to do or say.

Who was the sloppiest teammate you played with?
Actually, they were neat and tidy.

Who was the most caring teammate you played with?
Camille Garcia, Kelly Langston, and Veronica were all caring people and I can’t forget Kayla Collins, who took me everyday to school when I had no car, playing the some song every morning. Although they all helped when you needed it. Actually, I consider that they were all quality people.

The best dancer you played with (or at least thought they were)?
The best dancers were undoubtedly Lashaun Davis, Veronica, Whitney and Camille. Camille had good rhythm, Kayla and Terese wanted to match it but their pace did not help them keep up at all.

Who was the biggest storyteller you played with?
I remember Whitney, Courtney and Teresa always had a story to tell in the locker room before a game or practice.

Who was the biggest rule breaker you played with?
Actually, I think they were respectful of all the rules and had very good discipline.

What was your most memorable win on the field?
I remember the end of the regional against the University of Georgia. We played an excellent game. Everything went well, pitching, defense and timely offense was key for victory and we advanced to the Super Regional. It was certainly one of our best games as a team.

Who is the most impactful teammate you played with?
Veronica Wootson, she would do almost everything outstandingly. Great running, hitting, tremendous defensive plays. She was humble and a great person on and off the field.

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