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Ask The AD – April 12th – Florida State University

Ask The AD – April 12th – Florida State University


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Ask The AD - April 12th

Florida State University Director of Athletics Randy Spetman wants to hear from you! In a new feature series on Seminoles.com, Randy will be taking your questions and providing his insights from inside the Moore Athletics Center.

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Q.  If I wanted to submit a song title to be played during football games (maybe when the kids run out) who would I e-mail that to?
Jon Burton (Longwood, FL)
Randy Spetman:
A. Just look around when you sit down in Doak Campbell for the Samford game and imagine trying to find one style of music that would satisfy everyone in the crowd.  We know that music is very important to the experience and rely on the Marching Chiefs to set the tone, but the public address music usually reflects what the players consider most inspirational once we get closer to game time.  However, our marketing and promotions department is always open to ideas.  You can email your ideas for stadium music and promotions to promotions@garnet.acns.fsu.edu
Q.  Is there anything you and the other AD's can do to remove the blackouts of football and basketball tape-delayed replays on Sunsports for those of us not living in the ACC footprint?
Kevin Dempsey  (Chatham, NJ)
Randy Spetman:
A. As you may know, the television contract for all ACC football and basketball games is being negotiated right now.  Frankly, I don't believe that eliminating the black outs for games show outside the ACC region is something that will be possible in the current climate.  It is important for our fans to know why the Sun Sports or FOX Sports Florida tape delays are not offered outside of the ACC footprint.  The TV rights that Sun Sports and FOX Sports Florida have are 'regional' rights granted by the ACC.  When the league negotiated the previous TV package, the winner paid a considerable amount for 'certain exclusivities' one of which is granting the national cable TV partner exclusive rights to regionally-televised games outside the ACC region/footprint.  In short, it is an important part of ESPN's overall bid that ACC games are carried only on ESPN GamePlan PPV outside of the ACC.  While we have addressed it, I don't see any of the potential TV rights holders conceding that ability.
Q.  Why does it take so long for the times of games to be announced?  I realize TV is a huge factor, but doesn't fan input have any say?
Q.  I would like to know why FSU athletics keeps away football game dates a secret.  Oklahoma game has been public knowledge for months, but no date on Seminoles.com WHY?  2011 when we play Air Force, the date is set:  9/3/11 why is that not posted?
Reese (Inverness, FL)
Randy Spetman:
A. I thought I could address both of these.  As members of the ACC, we are asked not to release our schedule in advance to the conference release of the entire schedule.  There are several reasons for that, but the most important is perhaps the fact that these dates and even opponents can change even at the last minute.  The reference to the game with Air Force is a perfect example as we have canceled that series after being unable to move dates as requested by Air Force.  
By the same token, we are tremendously sympathetic with the desire of our fans to know the schedule ahead of time but with the current state of television negotiations that simply won't happen.  The networks insist on having the scheduling flexibility to react as late as possible to make schedule the very best games for television.  We have been the beneficiary of that policy more often than not, but I believe that it affects our fans and those of Clemson most intensely because of the larger numbers and the fact that many must stay overnight in our near Tallahassee or Clemson.

Q.  Is there any way we can get the words to fight song on the jumbotron?  It's embarrassing that the crowd doesn't know any of the words except F-L-O-R-I-D-A  S-T-A-T-E.
Mary Anne  (Atlanta, GA)
Randy Spetman:
A. I'm passing your suggestion to our marketing and promotions office and I'm sure they will work with our talented folks in Seminole Productions to do something about that.  I do believe the words are printed in our game program every week and we certainly encourage all our fans to pick one of these up at every game and patronize the sponsors who advertise in it.
Q.  We have been waiting for years (about 20) for FSU to get radio coverage in this area on a station with a signal that is strong enough to be heard day and night.  Can you do something about it - no one else has - even after numerous requests over the years?
E. Wells    (Temple Terrace, FL)
Randy Spetman:
A. I truly don't believe there is a finer game day radio experience than what ISP Sports has been able to put together on the Seminole Network and I'm sorry that you are having issues hearing that at times in your area.  I've advanced your concern to ISP Sports which is our media right partner, but I can tell you that increasing our network is one of their top priorities.  The radio industry has changed dramatically and it is tougher than ever to secure stations because many are members covered under an umbrella of owners.  I would encourage you to identify a station in your area that might be interested and contact ISP at pphipp@ispsports.com with that information.  Providing the station with a list of potential advertisers interested in FSU sports in your area never hurts.  
Q.  Have the parameters been established for the Young Alumni tickets for the 2010 football season?
Randy Spetman:
A. Young Alumni season tickets will be $208 this year and will be located in the upper part of section 12 on the East side of Doak Campbell Stadium. In addition to the discounted ticket price, Seminole Boosters will give a 50% discount to qualifying Young Alumni on their booster pledge which means you could pledge and pay $300 and be given priority credit for being a $600 booster. That same discount is available for all Booster levels. This is a great opportunity to start building priority in our system as you transition from school to the workforce. Qualifying Alumni must have graduated from FSU from Spring 2007 to Spring 2010.
Q.  What is the formula for determining seating for season ticket holders?
Randy Spetman:
A. All season tickets are allocated based on the FSU Ticket Priority System. First, all season ticketholders from the previous season are put back into their exact same seats. We then go through the renewal process. Most of the previous year season ticketholders renew their seats; those that do not are taken out of their seats. We then put any current season ticketholder who has asked for a seat improvement and any new season ticketholder into one master list that is sorted by Priority Points. Priority points are awarded primarily to those who support athletics as season ticket holders and Seminole Booster members. We reward longevity and giving but also award points to those who give to the Alumni Association, our faculty, staff, former varsity athletes and President's Club members. We start with the person with the most points and work our way down, using best available open seats to accommodate their seat request or new order. As we work our way through the list, available seats on the West side of the stadium, and Priority 1 seats on both sides, are filled very quickly.
It is a big puzzle that must be put together and is very time-consuming. Our Ticket Priority Policy provides a solid and fair framework to work within. The actual allocation process takes several weeks to complete and during that time our Ticket Office works with Seminole Boosters, Inc. and does everything they can to accommodate specific requests and communicate with customers when there is a question about their order. Obviously, there are a limited number of "prime" seats and the demand for those seats is great so not everyone ends up in exactly what they ask for. However, as I mentioned before, our Ticket Priority Policy provides us the guidelines and structure to allocate all seats in a manner that is fair and consistent for everyone. 
Q.  I see all of these other venues in college football adding on and dressing up their stadiums and I was wondering when are we going to add on and dress it up a little more?
Doc (Waycross)
Randy Spetman:
A. You'll be pleased to know that we have some very exciting elements planned for the stadium and they will be executed just as soon as we are able.  We are determined to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of our teams, players and coaches but will are also determined to do that in a first class way.  
Q.  What is your opinion of how spring football practice has gone?

Randy Spetman:
A.  I think we have had an excellent spring.  I know that Coach Fisher has been critical at times of the practices, but I think that just shows his desire to raise the entire level of expectation on the field.  I can tell you that I have been very impressed with our coaching staff and with the program from the weight room, to the class room, to the practice field since Coach Fisher has taken over.  I'm not sure that it will show in the spring game, but I see a much different football team out there already.
I would also like to share what I observed when I sat in on Jimbo's talk to a group of high school players on a recent visit.  The first words out of his mouth was a very pointed statement about the fact that anyone in the room who didn't plan to go to class, take care of his academic responsibility, and stay out of trouble didn't need to bother coming to FSU.   'We will win without you' if you don't follow the rules was the very clear message delivered.  I think that's a great start.
Q.  Why are we charging for the spring game?
Randy Spetman:
A.  We are not charging for the spring game.  We will be accepting donations for our general athletic scholarship fund at the entry gates, but it is strictly voluntary.  

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