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Athletic Academic Support Office Undergoes Restructuring

Athletic Academic Support Office Undergoes Restructuring

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Oct. 7, 1999

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Along with the new academic year, came a
change in the organizational structure of the Athletic Academic Support
Office. Under the Direction of Mark Meleney, the department was
reorganized in order to maximize the productivity of its employees,
enable the continued development of a comprehensive support program for
student athletes, and provide more opportunities for program and staff

“By reorganizing the department, we have not only provided
opportunities for advancement for academic counselors, but have been
able to capitalize on Amy and Kevin’s leadership skills, by asking them
to oversee the day-to-day development of the program in their specific
areas of expertise,” Director of Academics Mark Meleney said. “I feel
very confident that the new structure will prove beneficial to the
student athletes and the Athletic Department as a whole.”

Under the new structure, there are two Assistant Directors, Three
Academic Counselors, A
Senior Secretary, and four other full-time OPS employees.

The Full-Time Staff Includes:

NAME              TITLE RESPONSIBILITIES                            RESPONSIBILITIES 
Mark P. Meleney   Director                                          Oversight of the Athletic Support Office 
Patricia Griffith Senior Secretary                                  Administrative Assistant to the Director 
Amy J. White      Assistant Director Program and Staff Development 
                                                                    Academic Counselor   
                                                                    Baseball, Golf, Soccer, Volleyball 
Kevin J. White    Assistant Director Educational Services 
                                                                    Academic Counselor   
                                                                    Men's Basketball, Tennis 
Magdi El Shahawy  Academic Counselor                                Football 
Aundrea Lyons     Academic Counselor                                Cross Country, Track 
Matt Scmauch      Academic Counselor                                Woman's Basketball, Softball, Swimming 

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