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Atrews Bell Answers Questions During Q&A On TheACC.com

July 19, 2001

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Florida State wide receiver Atrews Bell spent some time with TheACC.com to take part in a Q&A interview. Below is the audio of Bell’s interview as well as the questions that were answered during the Q&A. TheACC.com would like to thank Atrews for answering the questions and the ACC football fans for submitting them.

TheACC.com Q&A
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Atrews Bell Answers

David – Tampa, Fla.
What are the players’ attitudes going into this season knowing that this year may be a struggle with such an inexperienced team?

Michael – St. Bonaventure, N.Y.
How has the departure of offensive coordinator Mark Richt and the lack of an experienced quarterback effected the offensive strategy for the season?

Susan – Panama City, Fla.
Do you have any idea on who will be quarterback this season?

James – Rockingham, N.C.
Who is the fastest player on the the team, and who do you think will be the biggest competition in the ACC this year?

Jade – Orlando, Fla.
Being that you were considered the underdog, how do you handle all of the attention that you are receiving? Do you feel like it is changing you as a person?

Dwight – Jacksonville, Florida
How do you think the 2001 Season will compare to the 1993 season when we lost around the same amount of athletes and won the National Championship?

Jim – Gulf Breeze, Fla.
Besides your catch in the first series against Oklahoma, their defense seemed to shut down our passing game. What did you and the other returning receivers learn from the game that can help you improve in the 2001 season?

Louie – Tampa, Fla.
What new FSU player has impressed you the most so far?

Cesar – Saint Petersburg, Fla.
Most preseason college football magazines (Lindy’s, Football Action 2001, Athlon, to name a few) say the FSU wide receivers have “stars in the making.” Besides you and Morgan, how strong are the ‘Noles really in this department for the 2001 season?

Scott – Indianapolis, Ind.
What were some of the drills you did as you were growing up to become faster and have better hands?

Marty – Roanoke, Va.
What other sports did you play in high school, and what college’s were recruiting you?

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