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Baseball Postgame Quotes

June 2, 2000


Miami Head Coach Jim Morris:

“We didn’t capitalize a couple of times when we had opportunities. Early
we had a chance with Varnes pitching and we had a chance with the bases
jammed there and we let him out of that situation with only one run. We
had the bases loaded and no outs and in that situation we needed a big
hit and we didn’t get it.”


“We mixes his delivery up, he’s on top some or three-quarters, he uses a
sidearm, he may throw a fastball there he may throw a breaking ball, up or
down, it is hard to look for a particular pitch. He slide steps, he keeps
runners close so he does a good job doing that and FSU fielded very well
behind him tonight.”

Miami starting pitcher David Gil:

“I didn’t have my best stuff tonight, the biggest thing is that I gave up
to big of a lead to a good team in their ballpark and I just got beat
tonight, simple as that. The other guy pitched a great game tonight.”

Florida State Head Coach Mike Martin:

“Obviously this is a very exciting time for us but we know that we were
playing a very proud University of Miami program. We wish that we could
enjoy this for a long time.”

“It was certainly a very good baseball game we just played. We’ve got to
play just as well if not better to achieve our goal. Miami will come out
tomorrow loaded for bear. They’re a very, very good baseball team. I mean
it was a night we just played very well as a team. We got outstanding
pitching. We played very well defensively.”

FSU pitcher Blair Varnes:

“I played good after we got a couple of runs.That definetly helps. I was
just trying to get ahead and make good pitches.”


“I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say that I was thinking about revenge.
Thats the third time I pitched against Miami this season and the revenge
factor has kind of worn off.”

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