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Behind The Poster: On Target

Aug 13, 2013

This year’s poster features the three seniors in Olivera Medic (L), Ashley Neff (C) and Elise Walch (R).

By Steve Stone, Assistant Sports Information Director

 *Florida State volleyball head coach Chris Poole answers a few questions about the logic behind the 2013 poster. Fans can receive a poster beginning on Saturday, Aug. 24 at the annual Garnet and Gold scrimmage at 1 p.m. at Tully Gym*

1. The slogan for this upcoming season is “On Target.” What made you choose this as the theme specifically for this season?

I originally came up with the “Eye on the Target” when I was thinking about where the program was when we arrived and how our staff set a plan in motion to build a Top 15 program. We knew the level of players we wanted to recruit and we knew that our staff was very experienced and capable of proving strong leadership and training for the players. We just kept our eye on the target and didn’t panic that first season. Eventually the slogan was shortened to “On Target” and I think it represents both keeping our focus on the big picture as well as expressing our feeling that we are most certainly on target with what we wanted to achieve when we arrived in the summer of 2008.

2.Explain how the idea of the Hunger Games came into play with designing this poster?

I’m a big movie person and many great movies have a theme. The Hunger Games was about the sacrifice a family member makes for a sibling. And eventually the wit, strategy and determination to outsmart and outplay every one in the games is what made the lead character special. Our players sacrifice a lot for each other and for themselves. Being a college athlete is not easy. It takes a lot of discipline, character and time management to handle all the responsibilities in academics and athletics. These girls sacrifice their time and freedom to be part of something bigger than just themselves. It is not easy to build a program. It certainly isn’t easy to maintain a top program. Our players have to keep their focus and be “on target” to be successful.

3. How much thought really goes into developing a theme for each season?

Every team is different. Even if you return the same players, they are constantly changing, because they are constantly maturing. I’ve had the awesome opportunity for 30 seasons to help young ladies grow and mature during a very important time in their lives. Each team has been special for different reasons and each year as we finish spring season, there is something that stands out that is unique about a team or individuals on the team. We have young ladies that have made a dramatic improvement in their physical and mental preparation this year. They truly have kept their eyes “on target” and it is the team that will reap the benefits for their sacrifice and commitment.

4. Looking at this year’s volleyball poster and thinking about each one you’ve had since being at FSU in 2008, where might this rank?

Most of the posters have been created from an original ideal I had during the off season. Our marketing people take the ideal and help to create something unique to our volleyball program. This poster is definitely “on target” for what was going through my mind during the spring. I’m very pleased with the design and I think it captures what I had in my mind.

5. How appealing do you think it is bringing in a popular concept such as The Hunger Games into the poster?

The Hunger Games was a hot movie and many people are excited about the release of the second and third movies as well. I feel like Florida State Volleyball is a hot product right now. We are getting tremendous support locally, but we are also getting tremendous recognition nationally. A lot of great players have us on their list and we just had the No. 3 recruiting class in the nation for 2012.

6. Finally, what will Florida State have to do this season in order to be “On Target” with its goals and expectations in 2013?

This is a team with great potential. To stay “On Target” we will have to remain healthy which will allow us to play up to our fullest potential. This team is capable of great things. However, each season a team is faced with obstacles and adversity that can destroy a season. We need to show our maturity and not let adversity determine our outcome.

*NOTE: The 2013 FSU Volleyball poster was designed by Summit Athletics*

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