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Bethune-Cookman – Evansville Postgame Quotes

May 27, 2000

Bethune-Cookman Head Coach Mervyl Melendez:

“They earned it today. They came back from a five run deficit, you have to
give them credit. We did what we had to do today to win. It just wasn’t
good enough.”

” We fought hard and played our best game. I don’t think we made an error
all game until maybe at the end there.”

“Our kids played good and deserve a lot of credit. They left it all on the

Bethune-Cookman Pitcher Brook Jerue:

“It was just a reaction that (line drive) play. If he had hit it a little
harder, it may have gone through. It was the perfect situation for us,
having no outs and men on 1st and 3rd and then having two outs and only a
man on third.”

Evansville Head Coach Jim Brownlee:


“We’ve done that alot this year. If you look at our scores, we’ve won alot
of games in the last two innings. As I said yesterday, our team is pretty

“I give Bethune-Cookman alot of credit for them to get off the deck after
the tough loss last night.They gave us all we wanted and probably deserved
to win the game.”

“We’re happy with the win. Hopefully this will wake us up.”

Evansville Player Wes Davis:


“It looked like he was gonna get it. I was just hoping it would fall in and
luckily it did.”

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