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Black History Month

Feb. 22, 2012

With February being “Black History Month”, Roberts Elementary took a unique approach in teaching their students about the past and current African-American heroes in our community, city, and country. On February 15-16, Roberts Elementary held a live museum in their school library and auditorium. The live museum consisted of speakers like Mayor John Marks, recent FSU Hall of Fame inductee Dr. Bill Close and three currnet Seminole student-athletes.

Marecia Pemberton of the track team, and Jonathan Johnson and EJ Manuel of the football team took time out of their mornings to talk to these students about black history. They each shared their view on the importance of education, making good decisions, and African-American role models and heroes who have helped pave the way for them and many people around the world.

Mrs. Harp, a second grade teacher at Roberts, mentioned how powerful it was to see young, intelligent Seminoles like Marecia, Jonathan, and EJ speak of black history. Several past African-American heroes have paved the way for so many other people to be successful. Its positive sign to see that current Seminoles and students at Roberts Elementary know that they could not be where they are today without the work of several black heroes.


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