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Blocking Shots With Men’s Basketball Player Mike Mathews

Oct. 7, 2002

Mike Mathews enters his senior season on pace to become one of the top five shot blockers in school history. He is ranked tenth in Florida State history with 78 career blocked shots after only his first two years as a Seminole and is the ACC’s leading returning shot blocker for the second consecutive season with a 1.4 blocks per game average during his 57-game career. He sat down with seminoles.com on the eve of the start of practice and talked about his favorite place to be, what his favorite color is and why he wears No. 33.

If you could build a house anywhere, where would it be?
“If I could build a house anywhere it would be in central Florida. I have been able to travel a great deal because of my basketball career. I have been to Alaska, up and down the East Coast and to Las Vegas in the western part of the United State but have never found weather conditions as comfortable for me as in the central part of my home state.”

What’s the last CD that you bought?
“I recently bought a mixed CD with different kinds of music ranging from rock to soft rock to rap to R&B.”

Where is your favorite place to be?
“My favorite place to be is behind a set of drums. I feel very comfortable in that position. I also love to be on the basketball court.”

Where’s your least favorite place to be and why?
“My least favorite place to be is in a math class here at Florida State. Math is a subject I am working hard to be successful at this semester but I do not enjoy the subject. I did though earn a 98 on my first math test earlier this semester.”

Are you a morning person, an afternoon person or a late night person?
“The time of day doesn’t matter to me because when there is a job to do I will get it done anytime. I learned that philosophy during my year in military school before I came to Florida State as a freshman. You just have to get a job done when it needs to be done.”

What is your favorite color?
“My favorite color is red. There is no specific reason but I have always liked that color.”

Which is your favorite season?
“My favorite season is basketball season. Fortunately, basketball season begins in the fall when it is not too cold and not too hot. I hate cold weather.”

If you could have a super power, what would it be?
“If I could have a super power I would like to fly. I was a fan of Superman when I was younger and flying looks like it could be a lot of fun.”

What is your favorite day of the week and why?
“My favorite day of the week is Friday because you know the weekend is finally here.”

Do you have a tattoo and what it is?
“I do not have any tattoos for religious reasons. Also, my mom would kill me if I got one.”

What is your favorite basketball movie?
“My favorite basketball movie is “He Got Game” starring Ray Allen. It seemed like a very realistic movie to me in terms of college recruiting and what to expect when a young player goes on a recruiting visit.”

What’s your favorite pre-game meal?
“My favorite pre-game meal is grilled chicken. It’s not heavy on my stomach and it’s easy to digest.”

Why do you wear No. 33?
“I wear No. 33 for three reasons – Patrick Ewing, Alonzo Morning and Scotty Pippen. I love the New York Knicks, Georgetown was my favorite college team when I was growing up and I used to wear Scotty Pippen-style shoes when I was in high school.”

Who is the one person you would like to play one on one against?
“I would like to play Scotty Pippen in one-on-one. I have admired his game over the years and he is a player around my size. I could learn a lot by just being on the court with him and that would help me improve as a player.”

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