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Blog: Opening Thoughts

Feb. 15, 2010

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Throughout the 2010 season, Florida State baseball fans will be treated to an inside look to this year’s team thanks to the writing duo of senior Ohmed Danesh and junior John Gast.

After a successful following from last year’s ‘Tuesday With Ruairi’ column featuring senior Ruairi O’Connor, this year fans will get a behind the scenes look courtesy of Ohmed and John as they invite Seminole Nation to push away that morning paper and to ‘Start Your Day With O.J.’

Here is this week’s first journal entry:

Opening Thoughts
by: Ohmed Danesh & John Gast

There have been many great duos throughout history: Batman & Robin, Abbott & Costello, Sonny & Cher, Maddux & Glavine. These pairs were immensely talented and iconic. As a writing duo, we are probably more like Ren & Stimpy, however, we are enthusiastic about the 2010 season and thrilled about the chance to share our journey with college baseball fans across the nation. We are aware this is the first twosome to write a journal for Seminoles.com and we greatly appreciate the opportunity to inform and entertain.

During the 2009 season, we felt like we were riding the proverbial roller coaster. Starting off hot we won our first six games then proceeded to go 4-8 in our next 12. Overcoming the early dip and using some of that famous “Nole-mystique,” we rallied to win 30 out of our last 36. Fortunate enough to earn the right to host a regional tournament and then a super regional we were then thwarted by the Arkansas Razorbacks. Being so close to Omaha and letting it slip through our fingers left us chafed and with a sense of unfinished business. When asked about the 2009 season, Stuart Tapley junior third-baseman says, “Falling short last year has shown us what areas we need to improve our game in order to be successful next year.”

The 2010 season is just around the corner and the Florida State baseball team is physically geared up for what Division 1 baseball has to offer. Although the road ahead is extensive, we are prepared for the journey to our ultimate goal…OMAHA! This one word defines College Baseball and sends chills down the spine of any diehard fan. It’s the reason we work day in, day out and do not allow any amount of rain, heat, cold, or irate opposing fans keep us from playing like Seminoles. Getting there is an accomplishment that every team desires, but for us it is not just about getting there; it is about being able to compete as a top eight team and end up victorious. A great coach once said, “Our goal right now is to win the last game that we play.” The 2010 team is taking this to heart as we have laced up our spikes, ready to make Florida State history.

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