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  • Plant The Spear Vol. 3: Week 3 Tomahawk Allotment

    Thursday, September 23, 2010 – Plant The Spear – by Brandon Mellor

    After a one-week hiatus, it’s that time again; let’s give out some tomahawks.I didn’t release a “Tomahawk Allotment” column after the Oklahoma loss because it’s my personal policy to refrain from doing so when the scoreboard from the previous weekend…Read More

  • Plant The Spear Vol. 2: Week 1 Tomahawk Allotment

    Tuesday, September 7, 2010 – Plant The Spear – by Brandon Mellor

    One of the greatest traditions at Florida State is the rewarding of tomahawk helmet stickers throughout the season. The football coaches award players for hard work on the field and in the classroom by granting these stickers and it is…Read More

  • Plant The Spear Vol. 1: ‘It’s Football Season!’

    Wednesday, August 25, 2010 – Plant The Spear – by Brandon Mellor

    Ever seen the movie Wedding Crashers? What am I saying … of course you have; everyone has seen that movie. It’s a classic. It’s easily one of the top 10 funniest movies of all time and definitely in my personal…Read More

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