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Bobby Bowden ACC Press Conference Quotes – Florida State University

Bobby Bowden ACC Press Conference Quotes – Florida State University


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Bobby Bowden ACC Press Conference Quotes

Florida State Head Coach Bobby Bowden spoke with the ACC media on Tuesday and here are the transcripts from that call:

On the performance vs. USF compared to BYU game:

It was just the opposite.  We go to BYU, heavy underdogs, they're 7th in the nation and we execute perfectly and they don't.  We wear them out and you come home, and it's the other way around.  USF executed, not perfectly, but real good.  We had five fumbles, three of them we lost.  We had a touchdown called back because of penalty.  Things like that.
To be honest with you, our turnovers had a lot to do with USF.  They hit hard.  They hit harder than anybody we've played this year.  I think they're good; might be the best team we've played this year.  We'll find out down the road but still, we've been hit before.  You've got to hold on to the football.  You can't turn it over like we did and expect to win. 

On Greg Reid:
Greg Reid played well.  He had excellent punt returns, one that set up a touchdown for us.  He's played well when he's been in there.  He's playing all of our special team and has been on our nickel teams and our power teams.  He's playing a lot more than people realize.
On getting back to conference play:
The last three ball games have not been conference ball games but now, we have Boston College this up there and we're catching them after they just beat Wake Forest so they have some confidence going.  They're all big now.  You simply have to win.
On BC's offensive line:

Every part of the country has characteristics that make them different.  Down here, you have speed.  Up there, you have size, big size, massive men.  They'll pound that ball at you.  Remember last year, they pounded it right down our throat and we couldn't take the ball away.
About the BC series - home team doesn't win:
Isn't that amazing?  We've been up there twice and they were favored both times and we won.  They come down here and I think we were probably favored both times and they won.  It's been that way and I hope that continues one more year.

On FSU'S goals still in sight:
You set goals before the season and one of them is to win your division so you can play for an ACC championship and that's still possible.  Of course, last year we had that opportunity and we didn't do it.  We can only take one game at a time.  We can only take BC, play them and after that, get ready for the next team.
On putting the USF loss behind them:
When you lose a game, you can't dwell on it or you'll lose the next one.  You try to learn from it.  You learn more when you lose than when you win.  When you win, you think everything's lovely; don't change anything.  When you get beat, you start looking for reasons why and try to get it corrected.  Our success this week will be based on, can we correct our mistakes?
On team's health following USF game:
Well, we came out of that (USF) game in pretty good shape.  I don't think we have anybody who's not out there.  (Christian) Ponder, thank goodness, is much better.  I think we're in pretty good shape coming out of that game.
Nothing would help us more than just correcting mistakes, correcting errors.  Practice, you've just got to practice, reps, reps, reps where you hope it becomes a habit.
On ball security:
We'll sure talk to them (the players) about protecting the ball and emphasize that, there's no doubt about it.  It's amazing; I don't think we had any (turnovers) against BYU.  When you turn like that, you're asking to lose.
On BC's defense, even though they lost top defensive tackles:
They still look very solid.  They're a very good defensive football team.  They don't give anything.  They don't want you to go deep.  They do a good job.  They're big, big, big physical guys.
On a renewed focus after Saturday's loss:
If they're (his players) the kind of competitors you think they are, they'll respond to it.  You look at our play against BYU and then South Florida looked like that.  They had all that enthusiasm.  They ran good, they hit good and everything.  But if we don't lay the ball down like we did, we probably wouldn't have been in bad shape.  Boy it hurts you to get an 11-play drive going and then fumble.
On punter Shawn Powell's performance vs. USF:
I thought he did a good. I thought he did a real good job.  He had one punt that wasn't very good but it wasn't bad.  He caught his foot on the grass when he was trying to kick the ball and he didn't get to hit it like he wanted to hit it.

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