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Bobo’s Breakthrough

by Layne Herdt (Seminoles.com)

While Rashad Greene continues to put up huge numbers for the Noles, another Seminole receiver is quietly starting to figure out what it takes to make the offense go.

“Getting open,” sophomore wide receiver Jesus Wilson said.  “Getting open for the quarterback, that’s what it takes.  And reading coverages, those are the main things.”

“Really the slot receiver is the hardest receiver to cover,” senior safety Tyler Hunter said.  “With Bobo being their stepping up and making plays, it’s going to open up plays for everyone else.”

Jesus Wilson set career highs for catches, yards and touchdowns against NC State and his success has not gone unnoticed.

“I’ve seen him work everyday at practice,” senior wide receiver Rashad Greene said.  “I see him take it seriously, I see him dedicated and the way he’s preparing for these games is outstanding.”

“That’s real big,” Hunter said.  “Teams are going to focus on Rashad because he’s Rashad, but having someone besides Rashad that can step up in the passing game and make plays, that’s huge.”

Huge because in order for the offense to run at its highest level, there must be trust in all areas.

“That’s what our offense is based on,” head coach Jimbo Fisher said.  “You want to take someone away and you’re one-on-one over here, we’re going to go over here.  If you’re over there, we’re over here and that’s when you can be real aggressive when you call plays.  So as a play caller that’s very gratifying and gives you a great feeling knowing that if the ball goes there, good.  We’re good with that.”

“Yeah that helps a lot because it takes all the pressure off Rashad,” Wilson said.  “They’re always going to double cover Rashad so it’s my time to get open.”

And if Wilson continues to find himself open, the man they call “Bobo” will no longer have the chance to sneak up on anyone, of course that’s fine for the Seminoles as long as he keeps ending up in the endzone. 

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