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Bowden Feels Seminoles Have Put Wake Loss Behind Them And Moved On

Sept. 22, 2008

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – Following the loss to a top 25 Wake Forest squad, the Seminoles headed back out to the practice fields and worked on some of the things that didn’t go as planned versus the Demon Deacons. After spending 10 periods in shorts making corrections from Saturday night’s game, FSU will turn its focus to a 3-0 Colorado team beginning Tuesday.



Head Coach Bobby Bowden

On The First Night Of Practice Leading Up To The Colorado Game:

“We spent most of our time tonight working on the kicking game and then working on correcting mistakes. We made a big issue out of that. Our coaches showed them their mistakes again and we will see how much improvement we are able to make, which is going to be very important.”


On Getting Over Last Week’s Loss And Lack Of Execution:

“I thought we had a good practice tonight. I thought everybody seemed to be over the loss pretty good. I didn’t mention last Thursday’s practice to them tonight, but I probably will again before the week is over.”


On What It Means To Coach 500 College Football Games:

“There ain’t nothing I can do to stop it. No doubt about it you have to coach a long time, and you have to win a lot of games too. As long as we have coached, Joe (Paterno) and myself, Alonzo (Stagg), he coached till he was 90 years old. I probably still feel about the same now before a ballgame as I did before my first game, that never really changes much.”


On The New 40 Second Play Clock In College Football:

“I think that everybody likes it, at least everybody that I have talked to likes it. We like it because you always know where you stand. The play is over and 40 seconds goes up on that clock up there and you know where you stand. Whereas, the other way, the official had to start the clock and maybe you didn’t see it. I think everybody, even the coaches on the sidelines calling plays, has a better feel for how much time they got.” 


Tight End Caz Piurowski

On Missing The First Three Games Of The Season:

“I really missed playing football. You kind of feel helpless. The first two games were bad, but then that Wake Forest game was real bad. I really wanted to get out there and help the team, but once that game was over, I finally felt like I was part of the team again.”


On Getting Back To The Practice Field In Preparation For Colorado:

“After the last game, I really started looking forward to practice again. Even though we are out here in just helmets and shorts, it feels great to just be out here and be a part of team and getting ready for a game again.”


On The Tight Ends Having A Role In The Seminole Offense:

“I hope so. I don’t know if the coaches didn’t use the tight end because I wasn’t there or because it wasn’t part of the game plan, but hopefully they can get not just me, but all of the tight ends, a few more balls over the next few games.”



LB Kenny Ingram

On the importance of creating more turnovers:

“That’s our biggest thing. We’ve got to go out there and get more turnovers. We strive for four every game and we just haven’t been able to complete that though. If we can score on defense more, it will help us out a whole lot more.”


OL Rodney Hudson

On the team’s mindset after the Wake Forest game:

“We got to focus more. We’ve got to put that behind us. It’s over now and all we can do about it is gone. We’ve got to focus on Colorado and do what we’ve got to do to beat them.”


On Colorado’s defense:

“They’ve got a good front, a good front. Good linebackers. They’re pretty well rounded. They’re older guys just like the last team we played. A lot of seniors, a lot of experience over there…Wake Forest tried to stun us a lot and throw in a lot of twist and stuff because we’re a lot younger and they figure that will confuse us. So I imagine they will try to do the same, play their defense.”


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