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Bowden Happier With His Team Following Wednesday’s Practice

Sept. 10, 2008

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – Florida State Head Coach Bobby Bowden was disappointed with Tuesday’s practice. Things looked a lot better to him on Wednesday. The Seminoles spent 21 periods practicing in shells on the practice field and the coaches seemed much happier with the way practice went compared to the day before.



·          The offensive highlight in skeleton was D’Vontrey Richardson’s seam route, TD pass to Jarmon Fortson. The defensive play of the drill was a pass break-up by Jamie Robinson.

·          Skeleton moved into red zone and Christian Ponder completed passes to Antone Smith and Rod Owens. Richardson completed a pass to Jermaine Thomas and then floated a ball beautifully into the corner of the endzone where Louis Givens pulled in the pass.

·          In 11-on-11 Ponder completed a deep pass to Owens and then Corey Surrency turned in a great play as Ponder hit him deep and Surrency did the rest with a long run after the catch down the seam. Richardson found Bert Reed but the highlight was a run. Jermaine Thomas broke off a long TD run as he shot to the outside, turned the corner and then turned on the burners as nobody got close to him. For the defense Derek Nicholson and Everett Dawkins had QB pressures. Tony Carter had a break-up and as he has done since arriving on campus, Markus White got up in the air to bat a pass down at the line.

·          The 1:00 drill couldn’t have started off better for the offense. Ponder went deep to Carr. On the next pass Ponder hit Owens down inside the five. Everette Brown had a sack on the next play and then Michael Ray Garvin broke up a lob to Surrency in the endzone. That didn’t stop the big receiver though as he finished the drill with a TD catch.

·          Practice ended on the next play as Neefy Moffett broke into the backfield and sacked Richardson before head coach Bobby Bowden blew the whistle to end the day.


Head Coach Bobby Bowden

Opening statement:

“We threw and caught the ball better today. Yesterday wasn’t very good because we couldn’t catch anything. We caught a lot better today. It looked like they executed a lot better today. The thing we have to be concerned about is injury until we all come back. Centers are struggling a bit. It is not so much that we don’t have a center, but if something happens to McMahon then Rodney Hudson would move in there and then another guard would have to play for him. But you have to think that if we did get a good lead, we would have to switch him and get him out of there.”


On Will Furlong working at the center position:

“Yep, Furlong is working at center and of course Rodney Hudson. Furlong needs to learn the play because he has not learned to snap the ball.”


On E.J. Manuel redshirting this year:

“Jimbo talked to him. It is just best. We don’t want him to waste a year. We could get him in the game to play some, but I’d hate to waste him. He is smart enough to understand that.”


Offensive Tackle Will Furlong:

If snapping the ball has been the most difficult transition from tackle to center:

“Probably just combining those three things: doing your assignment, snapping the ball and having to do it so quick is the most difficult thing. There is no certain one that is more difficulty. ”


If he has been talking to Ryan McMahon about it:

“Ya we have been talking about it. He is helping. “


Rover Myron Rolle:

On playing his best game against Western Carolina:

“Ya I left the game feeling I played pretty well. I think we played well as a team. I think our team was enthusiastic. The whole team was excited, jumping around and making plays. I think we all fed off of that energy. I am happy with my performance, but I know I can get better and grow. I’m looking forward to the next game.”


After looking at film, what he feels he needs to work on:

“I like my angles. I like my aggressiveness. Again, I like my energy in the game. I think I can improve on my read, on my alignment and not cheat to make plays but definitely anticipating the next play. I have been getting my hand on the ball a lot in this week of practice.”


WR Taiwan Easterling

On the importance of wide receivers blocking in this offense:

“Coaches emphasize getting on your man, because you have to get them blocked.  We work on that quite a bit.  First you have to read the man and then go to the next dude. We work on bubbles a lot.”


On making plays when you get the chance:

“You have to make plays, you just do what you can do and the rest will take care of itself, that’s the way we see it.  We just go out there and show them what we’ve got, The coaches know what we’ve got so we are just doing what we’ve been doing in practice.”


On how much confidence the offense has:

“It gives you confidence, but you still have to stay humble.  You still have to work hard for the next game and come out and play hard every game, take it one game at a time.  The [Western Carolina] game is over with and you can’t talk about that anymore, we’ve moved on to [Chattanooga] because we know they are going to come out playing hard and we are focused on them right now.”


DT Kendrick Stewart

On the young players getting a lot of snaps:

“There were a lot of freshmen who played.  The main thing, and I went through it my freshman year is the speed of the game.  They’ve got to use their hands better and stay low.  We’re on the sled 30 minutes per practice trying to stay low.  I went through it so I have to try and encourage them.  Don’t get discouraged, you’re going to mess up, I went through the downfall, but I have to help them along.”


On rating the freshmen performance the first game:

“Overall they did pretty well, [Western Carolina] didn’t score so I’m happy with all of the guys, I’m proud of them.”


On his first sack:

“It felt pretty good, all the guys seeing it Andre [Fluellen], Letroy [Guion].  All those guys got sacks and now it’s my turn to step in their shoes and it feels really good out there.  I feel like I probably will remember it because it was my first collegiate sack, but hopefully there are many more to come, make a name for myself.”


LB Vince Williams

On his first game:

“It was a big difference, but I just wanted to go out… it’s not so much about who you’re playing against, it’s about the preparation you put out [at practice].  I know going against our offensive line I was having some success just hustling and working hard and working for it.  So when you prepare yourself like that I guess it was meant to happen.”


On this week’s practice:

“We’re just going out everyday and working really hard, they haven’t been letting us slack no matter the opponent’s been.  Coming out here and grinding and really getting after it, the preparation is crazy.”


On the competition between himself and Nigel Bradham on getting big hits:

“It’s not really a rivalry, he’s my friend and we really want each other to do well.  So whenever we are on the field at the same time it’s about who’s going to get there first.  He’s going hard and I’m going hard, we just really want it.”


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