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Bowden Says Ostaszewski Setting Example For Athletes – Florida State University

Bowden Says Ostaszewski Setting Example For Athletes – Florida State University


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Bowden Says Ostaszewski Setting Example For Athletes

By Jerry Kutz, Seminole Boosters

Q&A with legendary Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden

You coached a lot of players over the years and many of those guys have gained a lot of weight after football, which some believe shortens life spans. Would you comment?

Bowden:  Most athletes after they quit playing and performing do gain weight because they are used to eating what they want and they don't burn the calories off like they used to. As linemen, Joe and Henry were big to begin with so it's natural that they would get even larger after they quit playing

Do you think Joe and Henry are good examples for America and for former athletes alike?

Bowden:  I hope Joe wins the Biggest Loser. He and his brother Henry have both lost over 100 pounds. They are setting a good example for America and for our former Athletes and that is what people need to see. If Joe and Henry can do it so can you.

They say that former football players die younger than they should because of the weight they carry. Have you seen that?

Bowden:  So many of our former athletes do die earlier and its usually because of obesity and its usually because they stop exercising something they did all the time. I see our former players who go off to the NFL coming back 30, 40 50 pounds bigger. America can learn from what Joe and Henry are doing, especially you athletes need to pay attention.

You were diagnosed as a type-two diabetic and dealt with weight loss. What did you do?

Bowden:  I lost 20 pounds after I quit coaching because I knew I like to eat and knew I wouldn't be as active as I was when I was coaching. I get out and play golf, hit balls, when I am not out speaking. I like to eat so I am careful of what I eat and I do exercise. I'd like to lose five more.

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