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Breathe Easy Florida

March 22, 2012

On March 13th and 14th, the Florida State University Athletic Department participated in “Breathe Easy Florida”, a campaign promoting smoke-free college campuses. The Athletic Student Services office took an abnormal spin to raising awareness of this campaign. Instead of using the normal flyers, posters, emails or texts, a giant earth ball was used to generate awareness.

Lorne Sam, Assistant Director of Student Services and Community Service Coordinator, and his assistant, Ochuko Jenije, rolled the 6-foot tall earth ball from the Moore Athletic Center to the Florida State Student Union. The goal was to get as many students and faculty to sign it as possible. While trekking to the center of campus, they got several weird looks and many questions. Fortunately, these questions lead to great insight of the movement for a smoke-free campus.

On Wednesday, the March 14th, the Florida State Student Union held a celebration for “Breathe Easy Florida” and the Smoke-free campus campaign. One could say that this campaign was a success and raised a lot of awareness. The proof, the 6-foot tall earth ball was completely covered with signatures.

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