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Bri Breaks It Down – Vol. 11 – Florida State University

Bri Breaks It Down – Vol. 11 – Florida State University


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Bri Breaks It Down - Vol. 11

"Sweet Revenge"

Hi Seminole fans! It's coming down to the end of the season, which is insane because it feels like it just started! This past weekend was the climax of our season as we got closer to winning an ACC Championship. As we traveled to Clemson, S.C. we thought about the last time we played Clemson and knew that we could play better than we did and not let the match go to five sets. We knew this weekend was going to be a great one! We got to take a bus that trip which is always fun because we're all together laughing and goofing off -- like Miss Jordana here and her fabulous balancing skills!

We ate dinner at Eddie Spaghetti, which had some very good Italian food! The girls were all like, "yeah we went here last year" ... and I was like, "yeah OK, don't remember that..." When I hurt my eye last season this was one of the trips I missed - so it was kind of all new to me again! After dinner we got to our hotel in Clemson and I got to room with Duygu this time, which is always fun - her computer is in all Turkish ... SOO cool! We hit the hay as soon as we got there and in my mind all night was how excited I was to play the next day!

Friday the 13th - normally means bad luck, but not for us Seminoles! We woke up that morning and went to a little hole-in-the-wall diner where we had some very yummy breakfast. You could tell we were in Tiger Town because EVERYTHING was purple and orange! I learned this trip that Clemson's school colors used to be red and blue - way long ago - which is pretty cool because I didn't know that! We went to Jervey Gym to have practice before our match and as we walked in thoughts of previous matches flooded my mind - and they weren't too pretty. Last season's match at Clemson ... we don't like to talk about that one. We like to think it never really happened. So this season my team and I knew things were going to change and we were going to make things happen that night. After we wrapped up a good pre-match practice we got treated to Planet Smoothie. 🙂 We were very happy! We went back to or hotel to relax and watch some more game film before leaving for the gym again. My parents were staying at the same hotel as we were so I got to go visit with them a little before we left - and oh did they have a surprise for me! My mom was looking through old pictures and found some pretty funny ones from when I was younger, all decked out in my Seminole gear! Brought back some good memories!

GAME TIME! Warm-ups were going well and things seemed to be going in our favor. The match started and points were going back and forth the entire time. Unfortunately we lost the first set. But I was so proud of my team because we didn't let it affect us any and we came out so strong in the second set - making sure Clemson knew we were still there and not going anywhere! We were able to push through the rest of the match before winning 3-1! It was the first time in my career here at FSU that we won in Jervey Gym! It was an amazing feeling to start the weekend off with! We took our traditional senior picture of course, which will be remembered for a long time! And our very own Rachael Morgan had an amazing night leading our team with 15 kills!

After our Clemson match we had our two hour drive to Atlanta, which is always hard because buses are not very comfortable to sleep in and my phone died so I couldn't call or text anyone. My life was on hold for two hours! Haha! We finally arrived at our hotel very tired - but we didn't have much time to dwell on that because we were going to play Georgia Tech at 4 p.m. the next day - THE ONLY TEAM IN THE ACC THAT HAS BEATEN US ... can you say revenge! The next morning we woke up and went to Einstein's for breakfast, which is always very yummy! After breakfast we went back to the hotel to watch game film and finish our scouting reports and sink into our match mind-set. This match was going to be an interesting one because we were playing so early - like three hours before we normally would play. So our schedule had to be rearranged a little but we didn't mind because that meant we would be done earlier and we got to be back in Tallahassee that night! We went to a restaurant named Fresh-2-Order, which has now officially become one of mine and Nikki's least favorite places. We sit down and they start bringing out food ... and by the end of it everyone got their food except me and Nikki. And by that time we were quite hungry! They didn't have an order for me - which made NO sense - and they didn't even make Nikki's food! So we had to eat so quickly once they finally brought our food out to us - because we were on a time crunch to get to the gym on time! But we did get free cookies out of it because they messed up! 🙂

After all the craziness subsided we made our way to O'Keefe Gym where Georgia Tech plays their home matches. Imagine playing inside of a shoebox ... that's what it feels like in there. The entire gym echoes like crazy and the bleachers are very close and it gets SOOOO LOUD IN THERE! We got through our pregame practice pretty well and before we knew it the coaches were coming in to the locker room to give us our pregame speech. We were ready to go - and we knew that big things were going to happen that night. BOOM- the match started! The points kept going back and forth ... back and forth ...but eventually the score ended in our favor and we won the first set. The rest of the match went like this but each time we ended up on top. WE BEAT GA TECH IN THREE! That was HUGE for my team this season - since we kind of wanted revenge on them from beating us earlier in the season. Georgia Tech certainly played their hearts out and I give them full props for that - but something was in my teammates and I that night telling us that we weren't going to lose that match! CP said, "It sure got close in both the second and third sets. We showed a lot of poise and determination to get wins in those two sets. And that was something we talked about coming into the game. We really talked about coming in and trying to close out the match as fast as possible and not let Georgia Tech get going because they are a very good team." WOOHOO! 🙂

So what does this all mean for me and my team? Brandon in out Sports Information department says, "With one more win, FSU will claim the ACC's automatic berth to the NCAA Tournament since they own the tiebreaker over the Blue Devils. Two more FSU wins means the team will earn the first regular-season ACC crown for the first time in school history." This would be the perfect ending to the most amazing senior season! I believe 100 percent in my team that we are capable of pulling a championship off and going far into the NCAA tournament. I am super excited to see what will happen!!

Monday ... wooo! We got back into the swing of things at home with practices and everything - getting ready for our last home weekend! I can't believe that the end of the ACC season is already upon us and this weekend is going to be very emotional because our Sunday match against Maryland is our Senior Day. I'm going to be a mess just you wait and see! Also on Friday after the Boston College match as a program we will honor 2009 FSU Hall of Fame inductee, former head coach Dr. Cecile Reynaud, and Lucy McDaniel, the court's namesake. I have had the privilege of knowing Coach Reynaud for quite some time now ... first off when I watched her coach her team to victory in 1998 when they won the ACC Tournament Championship and now being in college and having the chance to be a student in her coaching class. I am very excited and proud to be part of such an amazing program here at FSU.

Our match against Boston College is at 7 p.m. on Friday and we play Maryland on Sunday at 1 p.m. If you are in Tallahassee please come out and watch as we try to make history. If you aren't in the area, both of our matches this weekend will be aired online at Seminole.som so check us out!

-Bri #5-

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