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Bri Breaks It Down – Vol. 9 – Florida State University

Bri Breaks It Down – Vol. 9 – Florida State University


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Bri Breaks It Down - Vol. 9

"That's a Record!"

Hi Seminole fans! First off I'll say Happy November - and it is VERY SCARY to believe it's already November! Where did all of fall go??? But my team and I are having a fantastic season so far and we appreciate everyone who has come out and supported us! I left off last week with us traveling to Virginia to play the two VA teams. We left Thursday and made our way north and had a very uneventful travel day, which is always a plus! When we arrived in Virginia I was amazed by the surroundings - you can actually see the season changing! Us Florida girls never really get to experience the leaves changing or anything like that so it's always a special treat. Besides the beautiful landscapes we got to see, we saw some wildlife as well - on the side of the road was a cute little groundhog just chillin' - and it took us some time to figure out what exactly it was! This weekend was going to be a fun one for my team and I because we were getting the chance to play on Halloween, which always brings out some interesting characters to the gym for the match.

We stayed in a very pretty hotel - one we have stayed at beforehand, which is always funny for us older girls because we remember staying there in years past and we remember the girls we roomed with and what we ate for pregame meals and whatnot. And they had decorations up for Halloween so it made it even more festive! Friday morning came and we had breakfast in the hotel and then we had the chance to relax in our rooms and watch game film for the Virginia match that night. We made our way to Memorial Gym on UVA's campus to have our pregame practice. Things went well - it's always hard adjusting to other universities gyms - so that's why we will always go early to get a feel for it. We got to go to Ruby Tuesdays for pregame meal! It's always interesting when we go eat because we never remember what we ordered for food because our associate head coach, Holly Watts, asks us to fill out the order forms like three days in advance! So we get a yummy surprise for us when we get to the restaurant. After we all finished eating we made our way back to the gym to get ready for the match. We always get put into the wrestling locker room, which I swear is at least 100 degrees so we get very hot before we go play! In our locker room before a match you will see anything from people doing home work, to lying all over the floor, to just taking everything in, while the music is playing in the background. One thing that I captured this weekend was our own hair stylist Courtney Zuber braiding Taylor Wilson's hair into an intricate French braid starting on one side of Tay's head and going all the way around. I was impressed because I wish I could do that!

GAME TIME! We went up the stairs from our locker room to the main gym floor and began warm-ups. Things started off pretty well - there was a positive feeling amongst the team. The first set started and we were on a roll. We ended up winning that set 25-12. CP said, "That first set was probably the best first set we have played on all year long. We played really well. We limited our mistakes and unforced errors. That is what we as a coaching staff have preaching to them on a daily basis. When you don't make mistakes you are difficult to stop." It was completely true and it gave a great foundation for the rest of the match. We got tested in the second set but we pulled out a 26-24 victory then went on to win the match in three. Winning this match helped my team and I break one of the first records we would break over the weekend - our win over UVA was the eighth consecutive ACC win for us, which is the new school record for most conference wins in a row. We were pretty excited, I'm not going to lie! 🙂 We had to drive to Roanoke that night and we had a relaxing night when we got there, knowing we were making history one match at a time.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! As we woke up in Roanoke, we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast, which was AMAZING!! Best pancakes for sure! We had time after breakfast to watch game film and get ready to leave for VA Tech - since we had a 45 minute drive to get to the campus and we wouldn't be coming back until after the match. Virginia Tech has one of the most difficult gyms to play in mostly because it is a very large coliseum and you must have A LOT of energy to maintain any "oomph" in your play in a place that big. We went through practice then off to Bud Fosters for pregame meal where we eat in previous years as well! And we got to watch the end of the FSU football game - which ended in a win - so that was good mojo for us too! As we got back onto campus and went down into the locker room, we had some fun with the little gifts Katy Baker - our previous SID who now works at VA Tech - and here are some pictures:

Even my parents got into the Halloween Spirit for our match!

As we came out of the locker room after our pregame meeting with the coaches - we knew this match was going to be a tough one because VA Tech was going to push us and we were going to have to push back to end up with a win in the end. And that's exactly what my team did. We pushed through to the end and we never lost or got out of control - we stayed together and even though we lost the third set we played through to the end and won the match 3-1. This win also pushed our new record to nine consecutive ACC wins! CP said, "It was a good match for us overall. We played really well in the first and second sets and then let them back in it the third. They had a really good crowd here tonight that got loud and made it difficult. But we were able to fight back." And after our match we took our senior picture, but this time we had some fun with it!

Since the match was played earlier than normal - we drove back to Roanoke and got the chance to relax in our hotel rooms and enjoy the remainder of our Halloween with each other! 🙂

4:30 AM ... UGH! We had to be up quite early Sunday morning to fly home to Tallahassee - and what made things even more interesting was that it was day light savings that day, so we ended up gaining an extra hour of sleep! It was nice to be home Sunday morning, because that meant we had the rest of the day to get stuff accomplished and relax after a tiring weekend. Monday came around and it was the beginning of a new week. Little did we know that we were going to make history that day! The highest ranking FSU volleyball has received in school history has been 17th. And this season my team and I have tied the school record - staying at No. 17 for a few weeks in a row. But Monday of this week we changed things - we now are ranked No. 16 in the nation - the highest the program has ever been! It's an amazing feeling to be part of the team that is changing the way people look at FSU! And what a way to end my senior season! We are practicing hard this week in preparation for Duke this weekend! It's going to be a tough match Friday night but I believe that with the work my teammates and I are putting in to practice and making ourselves better, we are going to do so well this weekend!

That's if for now! If you're in town this week PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to Tully at 7 p.m. Friday to watch us take on the Duke Blue Devils! Then Sunday at 1 p.m. we will take on the Wake Forest Demon Deacons.

-Bri #5-

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Hey Bri - my family and I are completely enjoying the volleyball season. We came to a match soon after you started the season and we have been hooked ever since. I am a pastor of a church and I make sure to get church over on time to make it to your matches. Keep up the good work!!!

aw thanks! we appreciate everyone's support so much!


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