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Mailroom contacts:


  • All departmental mail (letters and packages) must be labeled with your department’s name. Unidentified mail will not be issued postage or mailed.

  • All personal mail must have stamps attached, or postage can be paid in advance to the Cashier’s Office. The Cashier’s Office will issue a receipt, which must be attached to the letter or package being mailed.

  • Please contact the mailroom in advance when large mail-outs are being sent, to ensure that the shipment can be handled that day. If advance notice is not given, there may be delays in processing the shipment.

  • Federal Express

    • As of July 1, 2007 the University has a new contract with Fed Ex making them our main carrier.
    • This new contract provides the University with new discounted rates.
    • A FedEx account must be set up online in order to ship. Contact the mailroom if you have not set up an account.
    • All labels must be printed and air bills should no longer be used.
    • FedEx shillping supplies can be ordered online. The mailroom also has supplies.

  • UPS & DHL

    • The University still receieves boxes from UPS and DHL daily.
    • Items can still be shipped by UPS and DHL, but the University will not pay for them.
    • Exceptions to using these carriers include receiving packages from UPS and DHL and the use of another party’s account number to send out shipments.

  • Large items that cannot be placed in the mailboxes will be stored in the locked room next to the mailroom. The mailroom will notify departments when these items have been received. Please pick up these packages in a timely manner after being notified of delivery.

  • Please notify all work study students, interns, and other department assistants of these guidelines prior to them sending items to the mailroom. Your assistance in this area will help ensure mail is handled in a timely manner.


  • Post Office address:

    • PO Box 2195
      Tallahassee, FL 32316

  • Physical address (for deliveries to mailroom):

    • 403 Stadium Dr, West, Room 107
      Tallahassee, FL 32306

  • Departments in buildings outside of University Center D can use their physical address to receive shipments direct.


  • Shipping supplies are available in the mailroom. If you need large quantities of supplies, please notify the mailroom in advance.

  • Copy paper is available in the mailroom on a limited basis. Paper can be ordered direct from the office supply vendor or Campus Services, both of which will deliver the paper directly to your office.
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