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Buster Davis Earns ACC Honors For Second Straight Week

Sept. 11, 2006

 For the second straight week, Florida State middle linebacker Buster Davis has been named ACC Defensive Lineman Player of the Week, for his performance in Saturday night’s 24-17 win over Troy.  

The 5-10, 246-pound senior recorded eight tackles and added a crucial fourth-quarter interception, which led to the eventual game-winning touchdown for the Seminoles.  With the score tied at 17, Davis recorded the first interception of his career with 4:54 remaining in the game against Troy.  The Daytona Beach native is the leader of the Seminole defense that allowed just 45 yards rushing to the Trojans.

On Monday afternoon, defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews, true freshman tight end Brandon Warren and sophomore quarterback Drew Weatherford sat down with the media. Here’s some of what they said:


Defensive Coordinator Mickey Andrews


(on preparing for the next game)


“You’ve got to go back and look at the tape (of the Troy game). You’ve got to be more concerned about yourself before you can start focusing on somebody else. We’ve got a few things we’ve got to straighten out. We gave up too many big plays. We did some good things. We tackled well and created some turnovers and we did an outstanding job on first down but we’ve got to drop down a little bit in third-down situations. Third and long was good but third and man was short and we weren’t very successful. So there are some things we’ve got to do defensively that we’ve got to correct before we concern ourselves about Clemson but we’ll get around to that too.”


(on disappointments in the Troy game)


“There were some things (that disappointed them). We felt like we fought hard in the first half especially when we get an interception on the opening drive after we gave up a play and after a turnover, we blocked a field goal, so we came up by not giving up any points on either of those drives. They did some things that we weren’t prepared for. When  you’re playing two games in one week, that’s not good for anybody. You don’t have time to prepare. We only had one game to study on them and that was a blowout so we got a lot of different things from them that they hadn’t shown this year that we weren’t prepared. I thought our kids, other than getting fooled on two or three trick plays, did pretty good, really.”


(on being encouraged with speed and tenacity of young players)


“We’ve got some talented players. We’ve got some guys that can run and make plays. The thing that we’ve been concerned about was that too many people were going to have to step up and play like starters and we were doing an effective job with that and then we go out there and get a rash of injuries. We didn’t have Alex Boston (in the Troy game) to begin with. He didn’t dress out and then we lose three of our four defensive interior people. The biggest thing we’ve got to do now is put somebody in place that can play at those positions and then find out as much as we can about Clemson by studying tape.”


(on CU’s offense and CU quarterback)


“The big thing is that he’s surrounded by an outstanding cast. This may be as good an offense as we’ve played in three or four years, really. They have an outstanding group of lineman, maybe the best we’ve seen in that period too. They have very skilled players, outstanding running backs and some great receivers, so we’ll have our hands full. They make it more difficult because they give you so many different formations. They do so many different things with their personnel groupings that it kind of hurts trying to call defenses and certain formations and they execute.”


(on injury situation)


“Of course, it’s a long week, a lot can happen between Monday and Saturday. We won’t really know until the latter part of the week, but what we’ve got right now is not real encouraging. We’ll see if any of them can get back and get some limited practice or somebody will just have to take their place.”


Freshman Tight End Brandon Warren


(on how far he’s come in a short time)


“I’ve worked extremely hard, even from day one in middle school and high school, I’ve always worked hard and my coaches have always complimented me on me being coach-able and working hard. I’ve put in some hours but I am just happy that I can produce and help the team.”


(on the tight end position and the FSU offense)


“They (the coaches) put stress on the middle of the defense and stretching the field vertically and things like that. It’s just another weapon that you have to worry about as a defense. (Tight Ends) Coach Lilly told me that they were going to add some new stuff and I trusted him because it was my future that I was looking forward to and I couldn’t be happier.”


(on progress of his own development)


“I’m still in a learning stage. I’m still young. I’ve just been fortunate enough to make a couple of big plays and I’d like to thank God for blessing me with the ability to go out and make plays like that. It’s been hard work and I will continue to work to get better.”


(about Clemson)


“We know Clemson’s going to play hard. They’ve got the other Bowden over there as their coach. It’s the Bowden Bowl and they’re going to come with their “A” game so we’ve got to step it up this week at practice and hopefully come out Saturday with a “W”.”


Sophomore Quarterback Drew Weatherford


(on team’s thoughts after Troy game)


“Really, we’re just ready to move on. We’re kind of disappointed. We know we have a lot to work on but we have a big game coming up and we’re all really excited about it. We’re going to have to put that behind us and really start focusing on Clemson.”


(on whether to be concerned about the running game)


“To be honest, after watching the film, no, I really don’t think so. The offensive line blocked well and the backs could make a good read. I just feel like we need to click. We haven’t quite clicked yet. It’s been tough. We played a really tough game against Miami and I think it really hurt our confidence running the ball and Troy did a really good job of stopping it as well. I feel like we’re going to be able to get it done coming up this week.”


(on his own development)


“I feel much more comfortable out there. Even when we were down 17-10 against Troy, I knew we were going to be able to win the game. It was just a matter of when it was all going to come together. I feel good out there. I really do. I feel confident in my receivers and the offensive line. They’re doing a great job so far. I had a good game statistically but I did not play very well.”


(on the tight end play)


“They’ve been a huge contribution with their offense. You could tell once we started to hit our tight ends in the Troy game, it really opened up things down the field. I really don’t believe we would have been able to hit Chris (Davis) with his touchdown or Greg (Carr) with his touchdown if the tight ends weren’t doing what they were doing, so it’s really opening up things on the edges and that will help us the whole season.”


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