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Catching Up With Former Basketball Great Douglas Edwards

Oct. 20, 2004

Douglas Edwards was a first round draft choice of the Atlanta Hawks in 1993 and still stands as the fifth all-time leading scorer in Seminole basketball history with 1,604 points. More than 10 years after leading Florida State to within one game of the Final Four in 1993, Edwards is still the only player in school history to score 500 or more points in three consecutive seasons. He sat down with seminoles.com and talked about his life in basketball, his unselfish nature and his desire to continue his professional career.

How did it feel to be the first round draft choice of the Atlanta Hawks in 1993?
“I was very proud and very excited to be drafted by an NBA team. It had been a goal of mine for my entire life to play in the NBA. Hearing my name called as one of six first round draft choices in school history was certainly a great feeling.”

When you look back on your NBA career, what are your best memories?
“The best memories I have of my NBA career are traveling and experiencing the commodore and friendships I was able to develop with my teammates. Those kinds of friendships are something you never forget.”

What moment sticks out in your mind when you look back on your Seminole basketball career?
“The moment that sticks in my mind was helping our team win the Metro Conference Tournament championship in 1991. Winning the championship, I feel, helped bring the program and my teammates the recognition we deserved as a team. I was able to play with a great bunch of guys during my career at Florida State.

What made you decide to attend Florida State as a High School All-American?
“Florida State was a great school for me and a great program to be a part of because of my teammates and our coaches. I was given the chance to be around a great bunch of guys during my career and that was a fun and enjoyable experience.”

How have you been spending your time since playing professionally? Are you looking to begin playing professionally again?
“I have been able to spend a lot of time with my children recently but I’m back up here working my way back into shape because I miss playing the game. After playing with the Hawks and Vancouver Grizzles, I played in Greece and a couple of other countries. I still have the hunger to continue playing basketball at the professional level so that’s my goal right now. I am working hard to get myself back in shape in order to earn a chance to meet that goal.”

You are ranked fifth all-time in scoring at Florida State. Is that a great sense of personal pride for you?
“I am proud of that fact but it meant more to me to be a good teammate. I was really the type of player that always tried to play team basketball and I was more satisfied with the success of my team instead of any individual success I might have achieved. I always felt that if we were successful as a team that everybody would have a chance to been seen and earn some recognition.”

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