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Catching Up With Jonas Blixt Of The Seminole Men’s Golf Team

Oct. 11, 2004

Jonas Blixt is a freshman member of the Florida State Men’s golf team. He was a member of the Swedish national boys’ team from 1999-2002 and joined the Swedish men’s amateur team in both 2003 and 2004. Blixt calls the medalist honors he won at the at the Swedish national stroke championship in 2003 his greatest accomplishment in the sport of golf. He was the winner of the men’s Nordic Championship in 2003, the boys’ European championship in 2001 and the Swedish Nationals in 1998 for the 14-year old division. He sat down with seminoles.com shortly before the golf team left Tallahassee for the Gary Koch/Cleveland Golf Invitational in Tampa Oct. 11-12 to talk about his future, what drew him to Florida State and his best score on the golf course.

What made you decide to come to Florida State from Your home country of Sweden?
I was immediately drawn to Florida State and Coach Jones on my visit. I feel that FSU is the right place for me in order to improve my golf game, mature as a person and earn a degree that will be recognized around the world. I also think we have excellent facilities on which we can become better golfers. The Seminole golf course and the courses throughout the city of Tallahassee are all different from each other and give us all the opportunity to improve on different aspects of our game on each course. I love the campus and I am receiving an excellent education. Coach Jones was a big drawing card for me. I had heard a lot about him and everything I heard has turned out to be true.

How well are you adjusting to the United States and your new school?
My adjustment is growing easier and I am feeling more and more comfortable each day. Except for the language, the different kinds of foods and the hectic lifestyle it’s not much different that in Sweden. Going to class here in the United States is much like going to school in Sweden. The most difficult thing for me is adjusting to the language.

What did it mean to lead the team at the Bank of Tennessee Intercollegiate in one of your first outings?
I really haven’t had a chance to reflect on my individual finish in my first tournament. I have thought more about how we performed as a team and how we can get better as a group. One of my goals is always to do what is best for the team. If I lead the team, that’s nice, but it’s not something I think about. I just want to do well and an individual and help my team do well as a team. If I part of a strong team, then I will be happy.

What aspect of your game separates you from the rest of the field?
Normally, the best aspect of my game is my putting but I have had a hard time adjusting to the greens since my arrival at Florida State. I am working on my putting and feel that it is getting better every day. Anther strength I feel I possess is keeping the ball in play. It’s very rare that I lose a ball during any given round.

Your resume on the golf course is nothing short of impressive. How does all of that experience factor into your game?
To be honest, the aspect of my game it helps the most is my confidence and my self-esteem. I have learned to be calm under pressure and more focused on my own game and not an opposing players’ game. I have been very fortunate to play golf at a high level during my career and the experience of being in different situations only helps me when I get into those situations now that I am at Florida State.

What is your best recorded round of golf?
The best round I ever scored was an eight-under par 64.

What would you say is your greatest accomplishment to date on the golf course?
I feel that my greatest accomplishment to date has been winning the Swedish stroke event after a big comeback during the last nine holes in 2003.

What part of your game are you looking to improve this season?
I am working very hard to become a better golfer in every way possible. The two things I am focused on this season are improving my approach shots and my ability to hit different spots on the golf course. When I say hit different spots on the course, I mean where I place the ball from tee to green. There are always things I can improve on upon each day. It’s a matter of being focused and working hard each time I am given the chance to practice.

Do you have any personal or team goals for this season?
Because everything is so new to me and I haven’t really settled in just yet, I haven’t come up with a concrete set of goals. I want to perform better each time I go out on the course and I want to help our team get be better today than we were yesterday. I would love to get to the NCAA finals where anything and everything can happen.

Thinking long-term, what would you like to accomplish at Florida State?
I want to help take the Florida State University men’s golf team to the NCAA Championship, help the Seminoles become one of the top ranked school in the nation and help the team win an NCAA Title.

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