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Catching Up With Taylor Wilson

Nov. 3, 2008

20 year-old Taylor Wilson established herself as an all-around athlete long before she arrived at Florida State. Aside from volleyball, she also played soccer and competed in track at Countryside High School and was later inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame. She appeared in eight games as a freshman and is currently getting increased playing time in her sophomore season under new head coach Chris Poole. In just her 2nd year on the team the Seminoles’ defensive specialist talked to us about her past sports life, what motivates her, and life outside volleyball.

First off, what or whom got you to start playing volleyball?
It was just another sport to play! I had played soccer and ran track all my life. I tried the basketball thing in middle school, and I was about to try cross country… But with volleyball I liked practicing indoors.

How much did soccer and other sports help you with volleyball?
I think it made me an over-all athlete, which then helped me grasp volleyball a little better in the beginning.

What position did you play? Do you miss it?
A: I miss it terribly! I’m not saying I was any good, but I loved the game. I played right mid and could run for days (did run for days). I get super jealous watching our girls play.

Do you go to any FSU soccer games?
I go to any that don’t interfere with volleyball!

What made you pursue volleyball over soccer?
I had always played soccer in a less competitive league, mainly for fun. And when I got into volleyball I wanted to compete at the highest level possible. It was a sport I really wanted to get GOOD at… Soccer was more of a hobby.

How long ago did you start thinking you might play in college?
I had always wanted to play a sport in college, but it wasn’t until summer going into my senior year that I knew I wanted to play volleyball in college.

Did you always want to come to Florida State? What or who influenced that decision?
I wanted to attend FSU even without the possibility of volleyball, so that just made everything better! My high school coaches Mrs. Bayly and Dexter really helped me get here.

What or who motivates you to be successful as an athlete?
I think I motivate myself, I always have.

What motto do you live by or believe in?
“Everything happens for a reason.”

Do your parents get to see a lot of your games?
My family comes up whenever they can. My two younger brothers are pretty busy themselves, but they try!

Do you make a lot of trips home?
Perhaps on a long weekend, but definitely not from August to December.

Something interesting about you people may not know?
I recently changed my major from Dietetics to Interior Design.

What do you want to do in the future?
I plan on attending graduate school to finish a degree in architecture.

What is on your I-pod before games?
It definitely varies! I am not into hard-core rap or rock… but everything in between.

What is your favorite class?

Favorite place to go in or around Tallahassee?
TCBY or the mall

Favorite Restaurant?

Favorite movies?
Forgetting Sara Marshall, probably, or the new Batman movie… Those are great. But I am definitely more of a TV person!

What do you do in your free time outside volleyball and school?
Watch TV! I also like to bake.

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