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Catching Up With Women’s Basketball

Oct. 20, 2004

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The Florida State women’s basketball team took a break from the court on Wednesday and gathered at the Seminole Productions’ studio to film intros for the Tucker Center video board. Sports Information intern Derick Thornton caught up with a few of the Seminoles and asked them a few questions about how practice is going so far. Check out the photos taken at yesterday’s practice by clicking on photo gallery.

Derick: Can you tell me how practice is going this year?

Junior post Hannah Linquist: Practice is going really good so far. We are approaching the season differently and taking different steps than we did last year and we are adding a lot of new stuff with Coach Close coming in. We have a new approach on a lot of things that we haven’t in the past.

Derick: Can you talk about that new approach?

Hannah: There are changes in the system. We are doing a lot of new drills. We are working on changing are defense and we are doing a lot things differently then we have in the past and we are working on a new offense.

Derick: What will the new defense be like?

Hannah: Our defense will be a lot more “on ball” pressure than it has been. We are really trying to get up in their face and work really hard on defense and not let the ball inside of the paint at all, and keep the ball outside and on the side of the floor.

Derick: As a freshman, how is playing college basketball different from playing high school basketball?

Freshman guard Tiffiny Buckelew: There is a lot of transition, especially for me, because I was mostly an offensive player so I didn’t really have to play aggressive defense. So the defensive thing is really different for me.

Derick: Will the up-tempo pace be different from high school basketball?

Tiffiny: Yeah, definitely. During preseason, we just ran a lot and you have to because playing defense you have to convert off of defense and score. It’s very up-tempo.

Derick: I’ve been hearing about some changes in the system. What’s your take?

Junior wing Ganiyat Adeduntan: It (the new system) is more up-tempo. We have worked a lot harder in the preseason and are working now on a lot of different things like the defense and running a lot of new plays. It is going to be a more up-tempo type game, busting it and pushing hard every time.

Derick: So will there be a lot more pressing going on?

Ganiyat: Probably and a lot more transition on defense. There will be more aggression on defense, more pressure on the ball and we will get a lot more steals.

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