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Cayla Moore Is Playing Her Role

Nov. 28, 2006

Cayla Moore redshirted the 2005-06 season in order to further develop her skills as a basketball player. She was able to practice but couldn’t play in games or travel with the team. While it was not easy to sit out, she is now reaping the benefits from that experience.

“The advantages of sitting out last year were that I did the things that I needed to do to get better and I learned so much from the leadership of our seniors,” Moore said. “Having to sit out during games just made me want to play even more. It made me strive to be better. It was really hard though because I was used to being on the floor and helping my teammates by being out there to rebound the ball and being a good defender.”

Moore, who hails from nearby Albany, Ga., has played in three games this season and has made significant contributions by being able to relieve starting center Britany Miller. Her best outing to date was at Fordham when she scored four points and added six rebounds.

“This year my role is to encourage people and to be that person that if they need somebody to make a defensive stop, I can be that person who can go out there and rebound the ball or stop the other team from scoring,” Moore said. “Coming off of the bench, I can see things that players on the floor can’t see like which players cut to the basket so when I get in, I can make a difference.”

It’s clear that Moore’s progress has already been beneficial to the team, not only in games but also in practice. Her hard-nosed play not only makes her a better player, but her teammates as well.

“Cayla has just come leaps and bounds from when she arrived here as a true freshman and said `I really want to be someone that can contribute to this team in anyway I can. I want to rebound, I want to defend.’ So she agreed to redshirt last year in order to develop her skills and she is already so much better than she was a year ago that we feel like we can continue to groom her to be vital back up to Britany Miller.. I’ve appreciated so much her attitude and her selflessness in this whole process but also her commitment to becoming a better player and being a great teammate.”

While the chemistry on this year’s team is evident by its success on the court, much can be attributed to the chemistry off of the court. The team simply gets along and the players’ personalities compliment one another. For Moore, she knows that being a Florida State Seminole is exactly where she belongs.

“The best thing about being on this team is my teammates,” Moore said. “Just going through different cultural things with them has been great. I’ve gotten to know people from different backgrounds and have gotten to go to different parts of the country, like I had never been to New York before and we’re going to San Francisco this year.

“I can’t imagine being anywhere else,” Moore continued. “I fell in love with Florida State before basketball was even a part of my life and I just keep on falling in love with the program, my coaches and my teammates and learning more and more about them and I can’t imagine being anywhere else.”

Interesting Fact About Cayla:

Cayla loves to do hair. Her own hair, her teammates hair. And she loves fashion. She plans on majoring in fashion design and wants to open her own boutique or salon some day.

“I love clothes, I love shoes,” Moore said. “I was always a girly-girl before basketball came along and off of the court, I still am. I love to put things together. I get that from my mom because she loves to design things. I just have a thing for fashion.”

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