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Chat Live With Broderick Bunkley This Friday At 1:30pm
 Brodrick takes your questions live this Friday at 1:30pm

Chat Live With Brodrick Bunkley

Brodrick Bunkley, a senior defensive tackle for the No. 4 ranked Seminole football team, leads the team in tackles for loss and is second on the team in quarterback sacks. Bunkley will stop by to participate in a live chat Friday at 1:30 p.m. on Seminoles.com.

Leave your questions now or click back to seminoles.com on Friday at 1:30 p.m. to hear from the Seminoles’
only returning starter on the defensive front.

Chat # Date Chat Hosts
Chat 7 October 7th at 1:30pm Brodrick Bunkley

Submit Your Questions Below and Go ‘Noles!

Moderator: Thanks for stopping in this afternoon — Brodrick is here and ready to take questions.

Joe Snavely: Hello Brodrick, Just wanted to tell you that you are awesome, including the rest of the defense! I think the road to the national championship goes through Tallahasse this year, what do you think..
Brodrick Bunkley: Thanks for the compliment. We are looking forward to playing Wake Forest and playing well during the rest of the season.

Laila (Tally): Who’s the comedian on the team?
Brodrick Bunkley: The comedian of the the team is Buster Davis. He always has a huge smile on his face and is always cracking jokes. He keeps everyone lightharted.

Tallahassee: Are my eyes deceiving me or did you lose weight and bulk up? You look smokin!
Brodrick Bunkley: I think I have bulked up. I spent time and home doing a lot of push ups and sits ups.

Josh,Johnson City,TN: What was the celebration like after the miami game ?and whats your favorite tallahassee restaurant
Brodrick Bunkley: It felt good after the Miami game for only a few minutes. But everyone was so tired. I wanted to go out but I went home and went to sleep.

Nathan(Del City,OK): Bunk, why do you think we have been able to get after the qb so much this year? This defense looks really good and the offense is coming along do you think this is the year of the Spear? Go noles
Brodrick Bunkley: It’s great talent. We have players who pracitce hard in the off-season and it is showing as we have started this new season.

Chee (Lauderhill): Who’s the hardest hitter on defense?
Brodrick Bunkley: The hardest hitter on defense is Ernie Sims.

William (Tallahassee, Fl – FSU): Hey Brod;

This is William, I don’t know if you remember me from years back playing Halo at the Student Life Building…. Anyways my question is where do you plan to go from here and is the NFL in the picture? You have shown much potential in stuffing the run and also getting after the opposing quaterbacks.

– Great Job so far this season and Keep giving the offenses hell….that swagger you have is running them(O-lineman) crazy.

Brodrick Bunkley: Being a football player you always have aspirations of being a po football player. If I am blessed with having a winderful season, I hope to get the chance.

Peter (Orlando): How much can you bench and whats your 40 yard dash time?
Brodrick Bunkley: I have benched around — last time was 504 pounds. I don’t really know my time in the 40- I haven’t tested that in a while.

Zena (Brandon): What specific players have you been watchingon film from Wake Forest?
Brodrick Bunkley: The quarterback — Randolph — his is a real shifty player. You have to keep an eye on hime because he will scramble out of the pocket.

roscoe(parkland): Whos the toughest offensive lineman that you went up against this year? keep up the good work!
Brodrick Bunkley: I would probably say the players from BC. They were well coached and had a very good blocking scheme.

abrahan tampa fl: hey brodick i was a student at chamberlain when you were a senior and i went to all of your games in cahmberlain. How you felt when you got the news you were offered a scholership to fsu? and are you ready for the nfl?
Brodrick Bunkley: Getting a scholarship offer from FSU fel t great beacuse now I had a chance to choose between the big three schools in Florida and which one I wanted to go to.

Ehsan (Sunrise): Brodrick, which one of your fellow defensive tackles has impressed you the most?
Brodrick Bunkley: Kyler Hall has etepped up his game this season. He keeps everyone on the team up. He has a real intense attitude.

Kevin, Alabaster: What is it like to be ones of the best teams in the nation and how does it feel to be NO. 4 your senior year
Brodrick Bunkley: It fells good. It feels excellent. We still have a long season and it’s all about kepping our heads straight and taking it team by team.

Kahil (margate): Who would you like to get drafted to? I would love to see you on the dolphins!!
Brodrick Bunkley: It doesn’t matter. It has been a dream of mine to play in the NFL. Whichever team fits is where I want to play.

Ehsan (Sunrise, Fl): How would you describe the defense in one word?
Brodrick Bunkley: Intense.
Moderator: Thanks for all the great questions. I have to get to our 2:15 meeting so we can get ready to play Saturday. Thanks.

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