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Chat Live With Buster Davis This Thursday!
 Buster Davis takes your questions LIVE this Thursday at 1pm.

Chat Live With Buster Davis

After returning from an ACC divisional victory over Boston College, the Florida State football team has a week off to prepare a non-league game against Syracuse on Oct. 1. Seminole linebacker Buster Davis will be joining you, the fans, right here on for a live chat session as he and his teammates prepare for the Orange.

Make sure to stop back by this Thursday at 1:00 PM to ask Buster all those things you wanted to on game day, or go ahead and post your questions for him to respond to on Thursday. Either way, you don’t want to miss your chance to talk with Buster Davis here at

Chat # Date Chat Hosts
Chat 5 September 22nd at 1:00pm Buster Davis

Submit Your Questions Below and Go ‘Noles!

Moderator: thanks for joining us today. buster is here and ready to answer your questions

Larry Bryant (Tifton): I was just wondering what you do to maintain staying healthy and in shape and what can you tell me how to become a college prospect just like you
Buster Davis: I work out twice a week and i eat the right foods and once a week i go and i do karate

Jarrod (Charlotte): I was at the BC game I was proud of the huge number of Seminoles that made the trip up for the game. Could you feel the difference on the field of having all those seminoles there, or did it feel like a normal away game?
Buster Davis: Yes I think we had a great turn out and that was one thing i think we have to have on all of our away trips and the team really apprecitae all of you who made the trip

Beau (Crawfordville): Hey Buster, just wanted to say great start to the season! Although this year’s squad is extremely young, it seems there is alot more unity within the team. Have you felt this at all, and do you think that it has helped out in maturing some of the younger players, and helped out in the 3 wins?
Thanks alot and Go Noles!
Buster Davis: yes I think that is the closest team we have had in years and yes the young players have truly have win these 3 games

charles tallahassee: are we goin undefeated
Buster Davis: of course why not?

Buster Davis: Yes i think that both of the qbs will be fine as long as we keep playing the way we are

Gary (Panama City FL): Will the linebacking corps and D Line be using more zone blitz combos against the Syracuse offense?
Buster Davis: we dont have a game plan yet but let me know what you think and i will pass it on to coach andrews and steele

Mike, Pace, Florida: Buster, What is your favorite situation when you are lining up to tackle a running back?
Buster Davis: running him down on a sweep from behind for a TFL

Elijah (Tallahassee): What are you planning on doing when you finish college?
Buster Davis: Becoming the local ice cream man in your neighborhood 🙂

chad (great falls, mt): do you think your team has the fastest defense in the nation?
Buster Davis: no doubt!!!!!

josh,johnson city,tn: whats your favorite stadium besides doak campbell stadium to play in?
Buster Davis: i want to play in the big house before i leave school

Doug (Jacksonville): I know it and you know it but tell the world why the Seminoles linebackers are better than Ohio State’s linebackers and why yall should be known as the best core in the country…
Buster Davis: seven plays and one yard in bean town

garrison,johnson city: whos your best friend on the team
Buster Davis: robert hallback

Charlie, Tallahasssee, FL: Are there any schools you’d like to play against that FSU isn’t?
Buster Davis: ohio st , usc, michigan, texas, maine

Nick (Durham, NC): What Up Buster, how does it feel to be a part of what most people are calling the greatest linebacking core in the country.
Buster Davis: great and how does it feel to be talking to me 🙂

Sandy,Knoxville,TN: What was the celebration like when you beat miami
Buster Davis: unbelieveable

Ahmad Ahmad: What do you think is going to be the greatest challange for the noles this year in getting to the title game?
Buster Davis: going undefeated

Charlie, Tallahassee, FL: What goes through your head when you step onto Bowden Field and hear 80,000+ people cheering for you?
Buster Davis: Time to go to work and build my resume

Chip,Tallahassee: what is your favorite place to eat in tallahassee
Buster Davis: silver slipper, los compadres, the cuban cafe

Danny,Hartselle,AL: First off, good job against B.C. saturday, you played a heck of a game Buster. How do you get prepared for a game.
Buster Davis: watching hours of film

Nick (Durham, NC): Go NOLES! From a fans perspective – It seems like this year’s team has more chemistry than any other team I have seen in the past. How is it down on the field?
Buster Davis: even better on the field

chris jacksonville beach florida: first all congrats to the win against miami(been long waiting)and boston college but i want to know how much confidence are the players about drew weatherford i really hope he can lead us to a national title your thoughts please
Buster Davis: We are very confident that boht Drew and Xavier can lead us to the national championship.

Jared Barber ,Bristol: I just wanted to ask what do u think has been a major turn around for us since the first game agaisnt the hurricanes.
Buster Davis: I think the offensive has started to come together.
Buster Davis: Thanks for all of your questions today. I love the whole Seminole nation. Make sure to pack Doak next week for Syracuse!
Moderator: Thanks Buster. Check back on for our next chat.

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