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Chat Live With Christian Ponder Tomorrow At 11:45am

 Christian takes your questions this Thursday at 11:45am

Chat Live With Christian Ponder

Christian Ponder, the junior starting quarterback for the Seminoles, will stop by to participate in a live chat Thursday at 11:45am on

With the start of the season just over a week away, Ponder will update the fans on the progress of fall practice and what he thinks it will take to beat Miami.

Leave your questions now or click back to on Thursday at 11:45am to hear from the Seminoles’
starting signal caller.

Moderator: Christian Ponder is now here and will start taking your questions in 5 minutes. He is excited to talk to all of you Seminole fans!

Bill (Tallahassee): How confident are you for the Miami game?
Christian Ponder: From a team standpoint, I can’t be happier with where we are right now. With just 2 weeks of practice, we have already improved a lot on last year. The problem is that Miami has improved a lot as well and with it being the first game, it will be hard to tell how it is going to play out. It is a rivalry game, so you can never tell.

Bryce (Halifax): How has Jimbo Fisher helped you grow as a QB?
Christian Ponder: Coach Fisher has changed my game drastically. He has really helped me with my reads, technique, and everything else that a quarterback goes through. I can’t think of any other coach that does as good of a job, look at the guys he has put out in the NFL.

Vicki (Ponte Vedra Beach): What is the biggest challenge that you and the team face this year? Thanks Christian!
Christian Ponder: Our biggest challenge is our tough out of conference schedule and our tough ACC schedule. We have to be at the top of our game every week if we want to compete for a championship.

Jeff (Webster): What is the Team’s Goal for this Season?
Christian Ponder: Our goals are the same every year. We want to win the Atlantic Division, put ourselves in the ACC championship game and make it to a BCS Bowl.

Marissa (WPB): How are the kickers doing?
Christian Ponder: The kickers have impressed me a lot. I am sure they feel a little pressure in trying to fill Graham Gano’s shoes but they have done a really good job. Dustin Hopkins, who is a true freshman, and James Esco, who kicked off some in the early part of last season, have done a great job in competing for the job.

mike (syracuse): How much better are your receivers this year; including the Freshmen?
Christian Ponder: A lot of people think that our receivers are a weakness on this team but we have a lot of depth and potential. Rod Owens and Richard Goodman are two older guys that bring a lot of experience and leadership to the position while we have a lot of young guys like Bert Reed and Jarmon Fortson who bring a lot of potential. They are a lot more comfortable in the offense and should show a lot of improvement. They have really impressed me with their change in work ethic and attitude during the offseason and during two-a-days.

Colin Marcum (Knoxville): The VT game where you got thrown in as a freshman what did you gain from that experience, and how does that help you being the leader of the team as you are today.
Christian Ponder: The biggest thing that I learned from the VT game was that I realized I had the ability to play and compete at this level. I was unsure of myself before this experience but once I completed that first pass to Greg Carr on a corner route, I figured that I could compete and the rest is history.

kyle ohio: Christian
First off I think out of all the qb’s in the past 9 years you are the one I have the most confidence in going into the season. What do you think you have improved on the most in the off season?thanks! Go noles
Christian Ponder: I looked back at a lot of film from last year to look at the mistakes I made so that I could fix them this offseason. I feel a lot more comfortable in the pocket and am willing to set my feet. I was pretty astonished as to how rarely I set my feet to throw the ball. I also studied a lot of film and focused on my reads. I am a lot more confident and comfortable with what I am doing.

Bryant (Madison): How has Coach Bowden impacted your life?
Christian Ponder: Coach Bowden is a lot more than just a football coach. He is a mentor to everyone on this team and everyone around this program. He preaches about success outside of football before he ever talks about the game itself. This is what I most admire about him. He could care less about what is in the win/loss columns but rather how many of his players are doing well after the game is over.

Tubman (NYC): How do you think the new freshmen are doing? Can you utilize them?
Christian Ponder: There are a lot of freshman that are going to get valuable playing time this year. A lot of guys have impressed me with their attitude and determination to get on the football field. Some guys are sacrificing a redshirt year just to get on special teams, which shows how much they care about this team. This team is in good hands over the next several years.

Kevin Tallahassee: What’s your take on the stable of running backs we have and how it will positively affect the passing game this year? Thank you for being a model Nole and good luck this year!!

Kevin Tallahassee: What’s your take on the stable of running backs we have and how it will positively affect the passing game this year? Thank you for being a model Nole and good luck this year!!
Christian Ponder: We have a wide range of running backs that have the ability to change a game. Jermaine Thomas and Ty Jones played some last year and really impressed with their limited roles. Tavares Pressley has proved that he can play with the small amount of time he has had here. Lonnie and Chris Thompson have really done a lot to prove that they need to play early and often. A good running game is a necessity to open up the passing game and we should have no problem doing so.

Patrick (San Antonio, TX): Talk about the Defense – What has impressed you with them thus far?
Christian Ponder: The defense has been very impressive throughout camp. They are very aggressive but have become intelligent in controlling that aggression. We have a lot of young players as well as older leadership that are making sure everyone is doing the right things. We should have a dominant defense like we usually do, so I’m not worried about it.

JC (Fort Myers): Judging from when you first arrived on campus til now, what is the biggest difference you see in the program?
Christian Ponder: The biggest difference I have seen is the change in everyones work ethic and attitude. When I first arrived on campus, I think people fell into a rhythm where FSU was always winning and people just assumed that would fall into place. We lost our work ethic and our willingness to fight. With the arrival of the new coaches, the whole atmosphere has changed and everyone has gotten back on track with focusing on hard work because hard work wins championships.

Hank (Houston, TX): We all know that P-Rob will be a threat to any QB out there. How has he been in your development to read the secondary and to getting the ball to your receiver?
Christian Ponder: Whenever you face good personnel or a good defense everyday in practice, it is only going to make you a better player as well. Personally, whenever I am making a read, I try to go to the opposite side of Pat. He is truly a lockdown corner.

Danny (Atlanta): In one word what is your feeling about the upcoming season?
Christian Ponder: Optimistic.

Blake – (Tally): Christian, What do you think of the status and performance of the OL? How do you feel they will protect you and open holes for the running game? THANKS!
Christian Ponder: I am extremely confident in what they are doing. They have done a tremendous job in making sure they are going to be ready for this upcoming season. Having all 5 guys returning as starters is huge and combining their experience with their work ethic means we will have no problems up front.

Danny NeSmith: Does charlie Ward or other former q-backs ever offer any advise?
Christian Ponder: I actually had the privilege of working a football camp with Charlie Ward over the summer. It was a great experience to watch him work and he offered some great advice. I have also talked with Casey Weldon several times as he is here in Tallahassee.

Chad (Destin): How close have you and your O-Line become in the past year?
Christian Ponder: We have become very close, as has the rest of the team. I think team chemistry is the highest it has ever been since I have been here. Trust is a big issue when it comes to team sports, especially football, and can make or break a team.

Dallas: Did being a Texas HS QB help in playing the position at the Division I level?
Christian Ponder: The high school programs in Texas are basically mini-colleges. They do a really good job in the development of their players and a lot of high school prospects come out every year. It has really become a year-round sport in Texas with the growth of 7 on 7, which has a state championship tournament every summer. My offense was pretty complicated, which did prepare me for the vastly complicated offenses that we see at the college level.
Moderator: Christian is taking a quick 5 minute break, and he’ll be right back!

Danny (Atlanta): Just a stament thanks for giving us Noles some much needed excitement.
Christian Ponder: Thanks for all you Seminole fans supporting us. We wouldn’t be where we’re at right now without all of y’all.

Susan (Ocala): What is the most difficult class you have taken
Christian Ponder: Analysis of Business Conditions last semester was definitely a touch class, probably the hardest I’ve had here at FSU.

Matt (Tally): Which rookie receiver has impressed you the most so far?
Christian Ponder: Actually both of them have really impressed me. Willie Haulstead and Rodney Smith should definitely get some playing time this year, and they’re both big but surprisingly fast for freshmen.

Danny (Alpharetta): What do you do to wind down after agame such as Miami and any pre-game rituals?
Christian Ponder: Sundays are great. Me and Shawn Powell go out and get a round of golf in when we can. It’s a great way to unwind from football, and we both love playing golf.

Matt (Cincinnati): Is there any backstory to you wearing #7?
Christian Ponder: Little League Baseball, I was always #7, and I used to wear it all the time when I was growing up. Plus, I definitely admired John Elway when he was playing for the Broncos.

Brittany (Perry): How do you earn the Tomahawks on your helmet?
Christian Ponder: Certain plays earn you more tomahawks than others. For instance, big plays and touchdowns will help you earn tomahawks.

Jake (Greensboro, NC): I’ve live in NC all my life and people can’t understand why i”m a nole fan. Please tell me what does it feel like coming out of the tunnel and wearing that garnet and gold hearing the warchant?
Christian Ponder: The first time you run out of the tunnel is definitely a memorable experience, and every time you do it, there’s a rush of adrenaline that goes through you. It’s an experience unlike any other.

Chris (Tallahassee): Have you gotten any redemption on Shawn Powell from the 9 hole golf challenge?
Christian Ponder: I actually beat him the other day! Pretty good actually. But, the next day he beat me…I’ll win another one sometime soon.
Moderator: Ok Seminole fans, Christian has time for one more question before he has to go get ready for practice.

JC (Fort Myers): On a personal level, what would it mean to you to help FSU return to the nation’s elite?
Christian Ponder: I’ve been given a great opportunity to really have an impact on this program and getting us back to the top. We’re very excited about this season.
Christian Ponder: Thanks for joining me on the chat, we really need all of your support this season and can’t wait to see y’all September 7th!
Christian Ponder: Go ‘Noles and we’ll see you next time!
Moderator: Thanks for joining Christian Ponder, we appreciate all of your questions and hopefully we’ll get to do this again sometime soon. Go ‘Noles!

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