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Chat Live With De’Cody Fagg This Friday At 1PM!
 De’Cody Fagg will be here to answer all of your questions this Friday at 1pm

Chat Live With De’Cody Fagg

De’Cody Fagg, the Seminoles’ leading receiver through the first three games of the season, is in the midst of preparing for Saturday’s game against Syracuse in Doak Campbell Stadium. Before he takes the field against the Orange the sophomore wide receiver will participate in a live chat on at 1 p.m. on Friday.

Think ahead and post your questions for De’Cody now or stop back on at 1 p.m. on Friday and see what he has to say about the Seminoles’ 3-0 start and their chances against Syracuse.

Chat # Date Chat Hosts
Chat 6 September 30th at 1:00pm De’Cody Fagg

Submit Your Questions Below and Go ‘Noles!

Moderator: Thank you coming. De’Cody is here before his meetings today and is ready to take questions.

Carl Noe. Umatilla, Florida.: What is the greatest game that you have played so far and why?
De’Cody Fagg: Hey what’s up everyone. Thanks for tuning in. I would say the greatest game I’ve played is the Miami game this season because of the competition.

Mike Jones: De’Cody, not to put any preasure on you. With hard work and dedication do you believe you will become FSU next prime time reciever. I believe so because of your hands and speed I would not be surprise if it was to happen.
De’Cody Fagg: Hey, Mike, thanks for the compliment. I hope so.

Spencer, Las Vegas: Do you think Southeren Cal would be undefeated if they played in the ACC?
De’Cody Fagg: No, not at all because the competition is too steep.

Bill from Tallahassee: Who is your favorite FSU wide receiver from the past?
De’Cody Fagg: I would have to say Peter Warrick because I like his style for real.

Cape Coral: Where do you see Florida State football in two years?
De’Cody Fagg: In two years I see Florida State running for a national championship because the young players we have now will have developed.

Tyler (atlanta): who is the best and worst dresser on the team? what would you say your ‘style’ of dress is?
De’Cody Fagg: Good question, Tyler. I would say Robert Hallback is the best dresser and the worst dresser…I would say Rod “Old-School” Owens. He wears shorts over his sweat pants!!!

Casey Kidd (Tallahassee): Just wanted to say keep up the good work. I used to coach your cousin Milton at Munroe. He’s a good kid, and I loved his dad. Me and May May and his dad did a lot of dove hunting behind his house. Good luck.
De’Cody Fagg: Hey Casey. That’s cool that you coached Milton. He is doing well. Thanks for writing. We are still out there dove hunting!

nathan(del city): Is this group the best recieving core in the country
De’Cody Fagg: Of course!

Campo, Tallahassee: Is there anyone that you try to emulate in your play? A role model? Also, what is your role in the development of the younger players? How does it feel to work with the best freshman receiver in the country in Fred Rouse?
De’Cody Fagg: What’s up Camp! My role model now is T.O. and growing up was Peter Warrick. And about Fred, Campo you are up in the sky filming practice everyday so you see what’s going on with Fred. You see what’s going on when we get together. WE CAN’T BE STOPPED

John (Orlando): De’Cody-
I know you came back this fall in great condition and it has paid off for you. What did you do in the offseason to prepare yourself?
De’Cody Fagg: I trained a lot in Boca Raton with one of my high school coaches, Ricky Smith. We worked out three times a day combining weights and running.

Rob (Tallahassee): who do you see as the toughest opponent to keeping you from going 11-0 after buster said last week you would do that no doubt?
De’Cody Fagg: Hey Rob. I don’t think that Buster was being literal when he said that. But, every game and every day is important. We can’t take any opponent lightly.

David (Tallahassee): Hey De’Cody, you look great so far, here’s wishing you a great year. What is the one area of your game that has improved the most this season?
De’Cody Fagg: I think the one area I need to improve in is my downfield blocking. This is something I have really been working on in practice.

Nathan(Del City,OK): Life long seminole fan amougst a bunch of ou fans Decody what is it that you do really well as a reciever
De’Cody Fagg: What’s up with the Sooners, Nathan? LOL. Anyway, I would say I keep my eyes on the ball really well and I’m a good route runner.

Dorothy (Quincy): De’Cody what a fantastic season you are having. We in Quincy, FL are very proud of you. Hang in there and having a winning season.
De’Cody Fagg: Thaks Dorothy for the support and tell everyone hi in Quincy.

Tanner (Tally): Who is your celebrity dream date?
De’Cody Fagg: Good question…I have to think on this one. I would say Beyonce, Eva Longoria and Halle Berry.

Jason Burnette(Leesburg GA): Would you rather have Xavier Lee or Drew Weatherford throwing you the ball?
De’Cody Fagg: I don’t care who is in because they are both GREAT quarterbacks. They each have the ability to lead our offense.

Alan; Atlanta, GA: D’Cody,
As a team, The Noles just looked super confident on TV against BC. #1 is the swagger back as a group. and # 2 what preparation do you and the receiving group or the team as a whole do to prepare yourself mentally to play in the zone. Good Luck! Crush the Orange
De’Cody Fagg: Our receiving corps are really, really close…to prepare for a game, we watch film, we listen to music together (Young Jeezy) and play video games the night before a game.

Nathan(Del City,OK): You recievers must be pretty tight. Who is the biggest clown?
De’Cody Fagg: No doubt–Rod “Old-School” Owens.

jason terry monroeville al.: how good is this years fsu team and how good is our chance in winning a nat.champ.this year.
De’Cody Fagg: I think our team has a really good chance to become national championships. I truly believe that if all the cards fall in place.

Willie F (Tallahassee): Cody, Congratulations on being the leading WR at FSU and the offensive team is making many strides this season to be very successful. My best to Jeff Bowden.
De’Cody Fagg: Hey Willie…thanks for the compliment.

Tim (Plantation): Hey De’Cody, I’m a big fan. I was wondering if we will see more of the spread offense with Drew in the shotgun? The offense seems to flow well in this formation.
De’Cody Fagg: I hope so…

Kevin Haefner (Tallahassee): Who do you think the team’s biggest challenge is for the rest of the season??
De’Cody Fagg: I would say just staying focused each week and keeping our win streak.

Nathan(Del City,Ok): What is it like playing for bobby bowden and how does it feel to wear that garnett and gold. Fear the spear and go luck against the orange
De’Cody Fagg: Coach Bowden is the best in the business and a living legend. It’s a dream to play for him. As far as putting on the Garnet & Gold, I still get chills to this day putting on my uniform. It’s a dream.

Christine (Tallahassee): De’Cody: You are absolutely fabulous on the field. Would like to know your favorite NFL team.
De’Cody Fagg: Falcons. Vick is the man.
Moderator: Okay, everyone. De’Cody has to get to meetings. We’ll take one more question.

Kelley (Lakeland): Hey, De’Cody – just wanted to drop a line to let you know that I think the receiving corp this year has looked great! Keep up the great work – man are you making those DB’s look like fools….
De’Cody Fagg: Hey Kelley…thanks for the compliment. That’s my job. I try to keep the fans happy!
Moderator: Welll, thanks for joining De’Cody and we hope to see everyone out at the game tomorrow! Go ‘Noles!

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