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Chat Live With Kamerion Wimbley
Chat Live With Kamerion Wimbley

Florida State defensive end Kamerion Wimbley will stop by and take your questions in a live chat on Friday at 1:00 p.m. The Seminoles are just four days away from playing Miami in a nationally televised game that will serve as the first marquee game of the 2005 college football season. Wimbley is among the top defensive players in the ACC who helped Florida State defense rank as one of the nation’s top units in 2004.

Post your question here and come back to to see Wimbley’s answer or join the chat in progress and he’ll answer your question before hitting the practice field in preparation for the Hurricanes.

Moderator: Kamerion will be here shortly to answer everyone’s questions – we’ll get started at 1:20 p.m.
Kamerion Wimbley: I like the fact that all of the guys I came here with are now seniors so we are in a leadership position. We are more upbeat this year even though we are in an underdog role. We still feel as confident as if we were ranked in the top five.

Bill from Tallahassee: You are a senior this year and have seen a lot of different seminole football teams. How does the one this year stack up against the past teams you have played on?

Frank (Orange Park): What kind of Tackle would you rather line up against, a 330 pounder that you can probably get around, or a smaller guy that you might be able to bullrush?
Kamerion Wimbley: It doesn’t matter to me, the guy who would allow me to get to the quarterback the fastest.

W.: What have you seen on film in Miami’s blocking scheme that you think you can exploit in putting pressure on their QB?
Kamerion Wimbley: I think they have a pretty solid offensive line. We just look to take advantage of any mistakes they make.

Elisa, Tallahassee: Hi Kam! What is your nickname from your teammates?
Kamerion Wimbley: Cement. It comes from my facial experssions and low body fat percentage.

Brad , Huntsville: Where do you feel the team is stronger compared to last year?
Kamerion Wimbley: We are stronger in terms of unity. We have done things to bond over the summer that we haven’t done in the past. Paintballing for example.

Frank (Orange Park): Are you planning on trying to gain some more weight or do you think you’ve finally put on enough to reach your ideal playing weight?
Kamerion Wimbley: I still think I can add more weight to my frame without losing speed. I weigh about 255 right now and could probably go up to 260 or 265.

JP, Palatka: What is your favorite pass rushing move that you use?
Kamerion Wimbley: I like to use the club move. But if it is a guy that I feel like I can get around I’ll use a speed rush.

Elliot, Canada: Who is your best friend on the team?
Kamerion Wimbley: Right now I hang out most with Kyler Hall, Matt Root, Jared Whipkey and James Coleman. Last year, Paul Irons.

Sid, Tallahassee: How many sacks are you looking to get this year?
Kamerion Wimbley: My goal is to get into the double digits.

Braugh… Gulf Breeze: Do you prefer to rush from the strong side or the weak side of the line?
Kamerion Wimbley: It doesn’t matter. I can play both sides equally.

FSU FAN ALL THE WAY (TN): How does the team as a whole feel about the Quarterbacks play in practice?
Kamerion Wimbley: Both quarterbacks have done extremely well. We feel confident in whoever the quarterback is.

Wichita Kansas: Kamerion,

First of all congratulations on a well deserved selection as a Seminole’s team captain. The question I have for you is… What can you tell high school kids to expect at the next level of play and what kind of dedication do they need to have to be able to do what you have done?

Coach Surender

Kamerion Wimbley: Good to hear from you Coach. My advice would be for guys to first of all take care of your grades so you’ll be in position to earn a scholarship. Secondly, you have to be coachable. You also have to have a strong work ethic.

Ted, Alaska: Who do you think will get more sacks this year, you or Bunkley?
Kamerion Wimbley: Me hopefully but the best case is for both of us to get plenty of sacks.
Kamerion Wimbley: Thank you for your questions. I’m off to meetings and practice to prepare for Miami. Shout out to everyone in Wichita! See you on Monday Night Football.
Moderator: We appreciate everyone joining us today. We’ll have another chat next week.

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