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Chat Live With Matt Meinrod
 Matt Meinrod

Chat Live With Matt Meinrod

Florida State’s starting right offensive guard Matt Meinrod and the Seminoles travel to Boston College for a prime time match-up on ESPN Saturday at 7:45. Before he and the team leave Tallahassee for Chestnut Hill, Meinrod will stop by to chat about the game against the Eagles, the first two games of the season and what’s ahead for the Seminole football team at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday. Come back and visit with Matt on Thursday or post your questions for him to answer when he stops in. Then come back to and look for all of the answers before kickoff.

Chat # Date Chat Hosts
Chat 5 September 15th at 1:30pm Matt Meinrod

Submit Your Questions Below and Go ‘Noles!

Moderator: Matt’s here and ready to take questions before team meetings start a little later.

Tony (Birmingham): What is the team’s mindset of the opportunity to possibly getting to and winning the national championship because so many teams ahead of you in the polls have to play each other.
Matt Meinrod: It doesn’t matter what teams are ahead of us right now with so many big games still to be played. There are plenty opportunities for us to climb the polls.

Brandon (Tallahassee): What is the overall team reaction to being underdogs at Boston College? What does that do for your motivation for this weekends game?
Matt Meinrod: Most of the guys don’t like to be the underdog and I especially don’t like it. We are Florida State and we will get our respect.

Danny, Hartselle,AL: Matt, how does this years o-line match up against the d-line at B.C..
Matt Meinrod: Our O-line doesn’t have the size to match up versus Boston College’s massive defensive line. However, with our technique and tenacity, we should be able to perform well.

Bryan (Ravenna, NE): Congratulations on Beating the Canes! I was curious to who you think will be the best team you play down the road.
Matt Meinrod: Thanks for supporting us during the game. It was a huge win for us as well as the fans. The best team were are going to face down the road is always going to be our next opponent.

Adam B. Santa Clarita,CA: Hi, Matt my name is Adam and im also a linemen for my jv team i was wonderin how you got to this point of your career? and what you did in high school to get to FSU? and also any tips you have for being a linemen?
Matt Meinrod: Thanks for the question, Adam. I had a great high school coach who helped in the recruiting process. My best advice would be to take every practice as though you were playing a game. On top of that, make off-season as well as in-season weight lifting a priority.

Adam – Douglas, GA: Do you see the size of Boston College’s defense to be a bigger challenge than blocking the smaller, quicker guys that we usually go up against?
Matt Meinrod: The BC defensive line definetly has size to their advantage. We are going to have to play physical football in order to be successful this weekend.

Tim Rachford (Seminole): How do you think the loss of Castillo will effect us and with the zone block scheme does the C still give calls on the line of scrimmage? Good Luck and mash em!!
Matt Meinrod: Losing David Castillo for the Citadel and Boston College is an awful loss for the offesnive line and the team. He is a senior leader who makes all of our calls but John Frady did a great job last week and the players and coaches are all encouraged by his preapartion for this week’s game.

Jallo: How does your knee feel?
Matt Meinrod: My knee feels 100 percent. It’s been a long road back to where I am and I hope I never see another day in the doctors office.

Kris (Kunkletown): What was it like stepping back on the field against the team you injured yourself against last year? Where you a nervious at all getting back into full contact?
Matt Meinrod: I never really thought about it too much. With all of the offseason workouts and a very physical two-a -days, by the time September 5 came, it was completely out of my miind.

Brian House, East Lake: You are my hero Meinrod! What is it like being you? I bet you pull all the ladies.
Matt Meinrod: House, get off the internet.

Kris(Kunkletown): Since we both know that FSU WILL be in the ACC championship, how do you feel about the possible opponent being Miami? Would you want to play them again or would you rather play someone different?
Matt Meinrod: It’s a long season with many big games still ahead. If we take care of business and find ourselves in Jacksonville it doesn’t matter who our opponent is.

Tallahassee FL: Which Defensive line are you least looking forwrd to lineup against?
Matt Meinrod: I respect every defensive line I face each week. But, the games against Boston College and NC State could be the bigges tests of the year.

Reginald Epps (St. Louis): First, I would just like to say that I have always been a faithful seminole fan. I just wanted to know if felt like your team had a good shot at winning the national title this year?
Matt Meinrod: Yes. Every year I think our team has a shot at winning the national title. This years teams is no different and if we get a win this week against BC, we will be on track.
Matt Meinrod: Thanks for stoppoing in. I have to go to meetings and then to practice. Look for us Saturday night on ESPN at 7:45.

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