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Chat Live With Natasha Jacob Wednesday At 1:00pm
 Senior Natasha Jacob will take your questions on Seminoles.com this Wednesday at 1:00pm

Chat Live With Senior Natasha Jacob

Senior outfielder Natasha Jacob will stop by Seminoles.com on Wednesday, February 15th at 1:00pm to discuss the start of the 2006 Florida State Softball season.

Leave your questions now or click back to Seminoles.com on Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. to chat with First-Team All-ACC member Natasha Jacob.

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Chat 9 February 15th at 1:00pm Natasha Jacob

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Natasha Jacob: Thanks for joining me today. I look forward to answering your questions!

Lena (Tallahassee): What do you look forward to the most during softball season?
Natasha Jacob: I look forward to our trip to California the most.

Tif (Belfair): How great does Tiffany McDonald’s hair look from left field?
Natasha Jacob: Well, it’s kind of hard to see because of the glare from the sun. I had to get darker sunglasses this year!

Neal (Oak Harbor): Can boys play fastpitch softball?
Natasha Jacob: There is a men’s fastpitch softball league.

Dustin (Spokane): I’m dating Tiffany, but would dump her if you would go on a date with me!
Natasha Jacob: If I say yes, we just can’t tell Tiff. It will have to be a secret!

Chris (New Orleans/Tallahassee): Natasha, congratulations on your 28 game hit streak! The new streak starts Friday! 🙂

Is there any particular game on the schedule you are most looking forward to, or is there any particular team you are most looking forward to facing?

Natasha Jacob: Thank you! I am really looking forward to playing Michigan on our home field. I always love going to the NFCA Classic and the KIA in California.

Bethany (Kansas): I was wondering if you liked wearing your facemask? My dad is pressuring me into wearing one and it really gets in my way
Natasha Jacob: I actually started wearing my facemask because my dad wanted me to as well. At first it felt a little awkward, but once you get used to it, you don’t even realize it is there.

Lisa (Jacksonville): Since you’re from Texas, do your parents get to see you play very often?
Natasha Jacob: My parents actually just moved to Georgia, so now they are even closer to me. They have always been very supportive and are able to make a lot of my games.

Dave (Live Oak): My daughter plays softball in junior high. Besides playing on the high school team, what can she do if she wants to play softball in college?
Natasha Jacob: I think it is very important to become a part of a summer travel team. Most college recruiting is done at big showcase tournaments.

Cindy (Dallas): How did you get started in softball?
Natasha Jacob: I started playing when I was eight. My dad was actually the coach of an 8-under team so he signed me up.

Tina (Jacksonville): What’s with all the cheers softball players do during the game? Do they distract you when you’re up to bat?
Natasha Jacob: I usually can’t hear anything when I am up to bat. I have noticed that when I am able to hear the cheers in the dugout, I am not as focused as I should be.

Bob (Clarion): What are you thinking about when you go up to the plate?
Natasha Jacob: I usually check the defense to determine what I am going to do, whether that is bunting, slapping, or hitting.

Katy, Tx.: How did it feel to have the Nation’s longest hitting streak?
Natasha Jacob: Well, last year I noticed that I wasn’t thinking about it much. It was almost as if I was in a groove. Coming into this season, I felt a little more pressure, knowing that I had a hitting streak riding on my shoulders.

Chris (New Orleans/Tallahassee): What were you saying to the umpire yesterday in the second game before you came up to bat in the third inning?
Natasha Jacob: He was asking me if I thought I went on the third strike of my previous at bat.

Nancy (Grove City): What do you like to do away from softball?
Natasha Jacob: I like to hang out with friends, go out to eat, collect stamps, watch movies, and I was watching the dog show last night so I’m thinking about starting a dog breeding business on the side.

Brandy (Tallahassee): You’re such a good student and softball player. How do you balance the time to do both so well?
Natasha Jacob: It takes a lot of discipline balancing academics and athletics, but we have an amazing acadmic support staffe here at FSU. I have definitely learned a lot about time management while I have been at school.
Natasha Jacob: Thanks for all your questions. Come out and see us play this year. We really appreciate your support! Go Noles!

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