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Chat Live With Pat Watkins Today At 1:30!
 Pat Watkins takes your questions live this Friday at 1:30pm

Chat Live With Pat Watkins This Friday

Here’s your chance to find out many of the things you always wanted to know about the Florida State Football team. Pat Watkins will take your questions this Friday about this weekends spring football game, and the upcoming 2005 football season. You can submit your questions early but make sure to be here on Seminoles.com Friday at 1:30 pm for a live chat with Pat.

Chat # Date Chat Hosts
Chat 2 April 15th at 1:30pm Pat Watkins

Submit Your Questions Below and Go ‘Noles!

Moderator: Thanks for joining us today. Pat is on his way and will be here in a few minutes.
Pat Watkins: I’m here and looking forward to answeering your questions on FSU football.

Flick (Pittsburgh, PA): Pat, you’re the man…What made you want to come back to FSU and not test the NFL draft?
Pat Watkins: I believe that I have still have room to grow as a play and that one more year at the collegiate level will do me fine.

Josh (Mississippi): Do You Think u can try to be a great wideout just like preter warrick
Pat Watkins: I don’t know if I can be as good as Peter Warrick, but I could probably contribute as a receiver.

Josh (Philadelphia): Yo Pat, big noles fan up here in Philly. I got a question about the defensive line. With the loses of Eric Moore and Travis Johnson who do you see that did not start/get alot of p.t. last year will step his game up to a new level and be a force on the defensive line??
Pat Watkins: We have a lot of good defensive linemena. I believe Kameron Wimbley and Broderick Bunkley will be even better if not as good for us this season.

Doug (Jacksonville): Pat, how good, potentially, could the Noles defense be this year?
Pat Watkins: We seem as we can be a lot stronger on defense this year because our linebackers are a year older and they are good.

jim colman (spring hill): Pat, could you please comment on the transition from the High School defensive schemes to the complex Pro style defensive used by Coach Andrews.
Pat Watkins: It was a lot different and it took me a while to fully understand Coach Andrews’ system. As far as the level goes, the main difference is the initensity of the two levels. You have to train yourself to train as hard as you can on every play.

Matt (St. Louis): Glad to see that you are a Nole. What is it like to beat Leon High School in football? When I was at Lincoln (82-86), we never beat them!
Pat Watkins: It’s great to beat them beacause of the tradition and the ravalry in the city between the two schools. It feels almost as good as winning the state championship.

delray beach: who do think will be the best WR this season.
Pat Watkins: In my opinion, all of our receivers are good. I would have to say Chris Davis is going to step his game up and have a good year.

David Bailey (Miami): Which guys have stepped up this year in the secondary (with the exception of A. Cromartie)? Do you think that there is enough talent back there to fill the void left by Leroy?
Pat Watkins: It will be hard withyout Leroy. He was a good athlete. That is what FSU is know for — recruiting the best. I sure we will find another player — probably not as good but with a lot of potential.

Chris S. (Tallahassee): Who is going to have more int’s this year, you or Cromartie?
Pat Watkins: I would say me by three over the season.

Larson Roanoke: Pat you are an excellent player. I just wanna know how is the team looking and how high are the expectations for Florida State this year?
Pat Watkins: Thanks for the compliment. Every year our goal is to win the national championship and we are expecting nothing less. I feel we have the team and the players to do that this years.

Justin Hill: Wat up Pat? I just really wanted to see if this thang really worked.I Played at Rickards now i am at Clark Atlanta Playing Football. Let My cousin Sam Mc I said wat Up and have a good game tomorrow.
Pat Watkins: Justin — it works.

delray beach: How is ernie simms going to recover
Pat Watkins: I’m sure with Ernie’s work ethic and the hard wotk of the training staff that he will be ready to go when practice begins in August.

Brandy(Tallahassee): Pat,
You’ve been great at Florida State…I look forward to next season. What game do you feel will be most challenging for the Seminoles next season??
Pat Watkins: Of course Miami, beacuse they have beaten us the last six games. That would be something to beat tham and get that off of our backs. It would be a big relief to beat them.

Brad R. (T-town): Hey Pat. What can we expect from your boy Rouse next year? Keep up the good work.
Pat Watkins: I expect hard work and dedication since he is a natural player. I expect him to go through growing pains and get better and become a great player.

Jason (Tallahassee): Are there any particular NFL players that you model your game after?
Pat Watkins: Not really. I do like watching a few guys like Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. I like their intensity level and their love of the game.

Dwan (FSU Strength & Conditioning): Hey Pat!

Aside from winning the National Championship, if you were given one wish to close out your senior season, what would it be?

Pat Watkins: Aside from a national championship, I always wish for a healthy season and that none of our players get hurt.

James (Venice, FL): Do you think college athletes should be paid?
What is your schedule like?
Pat Watkins: Yes. Other students can hold jobs and make spending money but we are not allowed to. Our schedule is always busy with class work and football in general.
Moderator: Pat’s meetings are fast approaching — we have time for one question.

Josh Morgan, Spartanburg: First, congratulations on last years performance, I believe you had 4 interceptions which was tied for best on the team. I have been a Florida State football fan for over 20 years, and I beleive that this years defense is one of the best in school history, what do you think is the defense’s best quality that is going to separate it from previous years defense’s? Also who are you most impressed so far this spring as far as the quarterbacks go?
Pat Watkins: Our linebackers are gerat. Overall, everybody seems like they can find the ball really well. Coach Jost has us working harder then ever. We are really excited about where our program is at right now and ready to get on the field for practice.
Pat Watkins: Thanks for the questions and hopefully I can answer some more in the future. Look for us at the Garnet and Gold game Saturday.

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