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Chat Live With Senior Guard Holly Johnson
 Senior Co-Captain Holly Johnson stops by to answer your questions this Wednesday at 2:30pm

Chat Live With Senior Guard Holly Johnson

Senior co-captain Holly Johnson and the Florida State women’s basketball team will tip off the 2005-06 season on Friday, November 18th. But on Wednesday, November 16th at 2:30 p.m., before the season gets underway, Holly is going to stop by and chat with the fans.

Leave your questions now or click back to on Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. to chat with the player who’s nicknamed “Clutch.”

Chat # Date Chat Hosts
Chat 8 November 16th at 2:30pm Holly Johnson

Submit Your Questions Below and Go ‘Noles!

Moderator: Welcome to today’s chat…Holly is here and ready to take your questions so fire away!

Chandler (blakely, GA): how old were you when you started playing basketball?
Holly Johnson: I’ve been playing basketball ever since I could hold a ball!!

saheed athens ga: Do you think you have a squad that can make it to the ncaa tornament this year?
Holly Johnson: I really think we have a great squad and if we play together we have a great chance to make it to the tournament

April McClendon: what do you do on your free time to keep yourself in shape even if you dont have practice?,
Holly Johnson: Running is the best way to keep in shape. During the summer I get a personal trainner Thanks Chuck!

Tom (Seattle – Italy): Buon giorno Holly! After watching you all play in Italy, I want to know, first off, is the intensity and fire still burning in your team? Second, how have the freshmen adapted to the strong core from the summer trip? Take it easy on the Huskies on Sunday, ok? Good luck!
Holly Johnson: The intensity and fire is still burning. We can’t wait for our first game. The freshman are coming along great and making vast improvments. Have you our tour guide in the Vatican?

Ron – Tallahassee: I would like to know if your interest in the future lies in
coaching or basketball commentator.Thanks.
Holly Johnson: I think my future lies in both. I would like to commentate but I’ve always coached throughout my life

Tina (Tallahassee): What ACC team do you consider your biggest rival and why?
Holly Johnson: Georgia Tech. We always have close battles

Robert, Tallahassee: First of all, great season last year!! 🙂 Second, Just wondering if you gals can repeat the success of last year? I was so happy for all of you because you play so hard!! GOOD LUCK in 05-06.
Holly Johnson: I think we can repeat the success of last year as long as we work hard and focus on defense

saheed adeduntan athens ga: Hey holly, what motivates to come in day in and day out during the season to play your hardest and fight threw the fatigue?
Holly Johnson: Winning! I think my competitive drive makes me push through everything

Tucson: Whats the biggest change you see in this years team vs previous season?
Holly Johnson: Were going to have size. Its kinda like we have two different teams and were meshing well together

Phoenix: We wish you a break out season in your senior year and look forward to the Lady Seminoles going all the way!!! Whats your feel for yourself & your team?
Holly Johnson: I think our team is going to do extremely well as long as we work hard and play together.

Florence: What are your plans after graduating?
Holly Johnson: Getting a Job! : ) Broadcasting or coaching

West Chester: What would you like to be most remembered for after your senior season is complete?
Holly Johnson: Someone that worked hard and never gave up

Park Hills: You made it to the Big Dance last year, how about this year?
Holly Johnson: As long as we work hard and be a dominate defensive team we have a great shot

Middletown: How is the chemistry for this years team with all the new commers and whats your prediction for this season?
Holly Johnson: The chemisty is great were all getting along and striving for a great season and an appearence in the tournament

Wichita Falls: What are your personal goals for your senior season?
Holly Johnson: As a team make it to the tournament and for myself to do the best I can

Tifton: Do you enjoy playing for FSU?
Do you get along with your team- mates?
Is it a big step comeing from high school to College ball.
Holly Johnson: Yes I enjoy playing for FSU. All the teammates and I get along great. And the transition from high school to college is a huge step. Your freshman year is the hardest but each year gets easier.

Bill From Tampa: As successful as the 5 guard lineup worked last season, what does it mean to the team to have more of a post presence like Britany Miller on it? Congrats on last year’s NCAA appearance and good luck this season.
Holly Johnson: Its going to be a big help haveing an inside presence. I think people might think twice driving into the lane with Britany In the paint.

Phoenix: Its been a pleasure to watch you grow as a player. What more do you want from yourself & team this season?
Holly Johnson: I really hope we make it into the tournamnet but its going to take a lot of hard work and for myself I just want to compete and play to the best of my ability.

Beau, Crawfordville: You have a lot of new girls coming in, do you think that they will play an active role this season, and have you been able to lead them, and bring them in to the team as one unit?
Thanks, and go Noles!
Holly Johnson: I think the newcomers are going to be a huge addition to our team. And we are all working really well together.

karla: what do you think of your team
Holly Johnson: I love my team and I enjoy being around them, we have some goofy characters that make me laugh.

Fauske phoenix: First of all I want to say I am so proud of you. What is it like to be a team leader? Best of luck. Coach Fauske
Holly Johnson: Its great being a team leader but at the same time there is a lot more resonsibility. But its an honor and I will work hard at being a leader.

Sam Farhat (Lake City): Hey Holly, two questions for ya. What are your goals for the season, do you plan to go to the NCAA tournament again?

Also, I heard they got rid of the team’s mascot, how do you feel about that?

Holly Johnson: For the team I would like to make it to the tournament and for myself to compete and play my best.

Karen Blankenship: Holly, can you talk alittle about the role of student-athlete (most of your publicity has been around basketball but you have also have had an opportunity to work on your broadcasting-communication skills)and how your combo role has developed at FSU and what you can do to share that mentality with the younger team members.
Holly Johnson: Its difficult being a student athlete but very rewarding at the same time. I have been able to work on the Sue Semrau and other shows. I think just communicating and taking time out to talk with the younger members is a great way for them to grow.

Mark Townsend: What do you think about the New freshman Tanae Davis-Cain? Do you think she will challenge for playing time early?
Holly Johnson: Tanae is great and improving everyday. Expect to see great things from her this year.

Miriam Dady – Tallahassee: Hi Holly. Let’s say “fans bringing fans” is the number one thing Seminole fans can do to encourage the team. What would be number two? – Posters? Seeing the team off/Greeting them when returning from roadtrips? Homemade goodies & goody bags? Sitting close to the court w/lots of noise and Garnet & Gold? What? Rate these 1-10 and add your own please. Thanks – mim
Holly Johnson: Just about anything. We just want fans in the stands to support the team this season.

saheed adeduntan athens ga: what do like the most about playing for coach sue semurau?
Holly Johnson: I like the energy she brings as a coach. Both being guards I can always go to her and talk about what I see is going on the court .

St. Pete, FL: Hi Holly! Are you as goofy on the court as you are off the court?
Holly Johnson: Kendra You Know it!!
Holly Johnson: I got time for one more question.

J.T.: Holly this really isnt a question at all. I just wanted you to know that Baylee,Boomer,Drew,Kelly and I wish you nothing but the best for the upcoming season.You have given us your all at F.S.U.You are
an outstanding student athlete as well as an outstanding player.We look forward to you leading the points,assists and minutes played. And we will be giving you our all at every home game this season. You are the best and I hope the ready to see some real talent.
Holly Johnson: Thanks for the support!!!
Holly Johnson: Thanks again and hope to see you all at the game Friday Night at 7 vs. Georgia Southern

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