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Chat with the Seminoles, Nov. 9

Which-Seminole: Ryan Lowery
Question: I don’t have a question. I just want to congratulate Ryan on the
Golden Torch academic award. Our family is proud of your accomplishments.
Keep up the good work. PS: Matt sends his best.

Mr. Stuart — It is great to hear from you. Thanks for all of your support
over the past years.

My education is very important to me and I know that your family shares
that high value. Steve Robinson, our head coach, also places a great deal
of emphasis on education. We work as hard in the classroom as we do on the
basketball court.

As far as basketball goes, I am continuing to work hard to improve my game
and earn more playing time. I am really looking forward to the upcoming

We play an exhibition game today (Saturday) at Noon and I am looking
forward to playing a team other than ourselves in practice. We just
finished pre-game meal and we have to be at the Civic Center at
10:20. Look for the results later today on

We open our season on Nov. 16 at Florida.

Keep in touch and thanks for writing.


Ryan Lowery

Which-Seminole: Antwuan Dixon
Question: Hey, I was the boy that got your autograph after the Nike Elite
Game hen you was waiting to get interviewed and I just wanted to know how
your team looks this year in compared to the past years you have been at FSU?
Thanks, Brett

James – thanks for your support and for coming to our game against
Nike. We appreciate all of the fans in attendance at our games.

Our team is going to be more athletic this season than it has been in the
past. We have more athletes at every position. Our talent and depth is
better than ever before.

Keep supporting the Noles!


Antwuan Dixon

Which-Seminole: Monte Cummings
Question: Hey, I was the boy who talked to you and ask for your autograph
after the Nike Elite game and I just wont to thank you for being so nice. I
will be attending about 5 home games this year and cant wait to watch you
play again. Thanks for being such a good role model. Thanks, Brett


I appreciate you being a true fan. I am working very hard in preparing for
the season so fans like you will be proud of this team. We are all excited
about playing this season. Our season opener is Nov. 16 against
Florida. It’s fun to realize that we play our first regular season game
this week.

Stay focused on you goals as I am staying focused on mine. You and I are
the same…true Noles through and through.

Thanks for your support

Bucket (aka Monte Cummings)

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